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Is Jessica Jones, In Fact, A Piece Of Shit?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by S01E06 of Jessica Jones!

Sometimes, audiences are dumb, so Episode 6 helpfully episodeplains (just go with it) what had only been heavily implied before: Kilgrave is a serial rapist, who repeatedly assaulted Jessica and Hope while they were under his control. That makes him easily the most vile of all Marvel villains to date, to the point where it almost seems trivial to compare him to any of the others; by comparison, Loki seems like a joke. Kilgrave's too real and his damage is horrifying...but he does make for good TV.

To ask the big question first: is Jessica Jones a piece of shit?

No, both she and Luke are 100% wrong in thinking this. Jessica may be many things -- she really is "a hard-drinking, short-fused mess of a woman" -- but a piece of shit is not one of them. Malcolm's right when he says that she's been through hell, and she (admittedly) hasn't exactly escaped from it. Kilgrave repeatedly, literally, and figuratively raped Jessica (and Hope after her), and now Jessica's trying as best she can to reconcile who she really is with the person she was when she was under Kilgrave's control. Is she, herself, really a murderer? Maybe. Maybe she really does have that capacity for violence. But she's also a victim and a survivor.

Luke: from awesome to horrible in eight scenes flat?

After first avoiding learning about Kilgrave -- despite Jessica's attempts to tell him -- Luke earns supportive boyfriend points by offering to help her go after him, and then affirming her decision to go it alone. BUT THEN he has to go and screw it all up, by calling Jessica a piece of shit once he finds out the very truth that Jessica has been struggling with telling him. And while it's understandable that he's upset after learning that Jessica technically killed his wife, it's still no excuse for not recognizing the basic truth that Jessica was mind-raped into committing the murder. Also, not to speak ill of the dead character or anything, but Reva was clearly into something shady with that flash drive.

Why is Luke's dialogue so bad?

"You let me be inside you." Um. Really, writers? There wasn't a less literal way for you to phrase that, so, you know, it sounds like something that an actual person would actually say?

What happened to the dogs?

Luke says he doesn't hurt dogs, so should we just assume he calmed down Myers and Kruger with some ruff-housing?

Does anyone care about Antwon?

Nope? Well, maybe Serena, but no one cares about her either.

Sissy seems like a good prison friend?

I'm kind of a fan of anyone who prioritizes snacks and female orgasms that much, tbh. Can she transfer to Litchfield?

Can we talk about that hospital scene between Jessica and Hope?

Because it really should go on Erin Moriarty's Emmy reel. She manages to make the horror of Hope's situation completely clear, while also playing Hope as a not-entirely-likable character; Hope's a brat, but she's clear-headed, logical, and desperate in her determination to end her pregnancy. In a season of abortion scenes, this one is a standout.

How great is sober Malcolm?

So, so great. He's basically the New York version of a dream neighbor: comfortable enough to claim Jessica's throw blanket as his own, while helping her both brainstorm her way out of a professional problem and polish off a box of crackers. That he cares enough to try to intimidate the large guy who shows up on her doorstep is an added bonus akin to watching a dog chase its own tail: cute, but ultimately pointless. Plus, Jessica already knows all Malcolm's dirty laundry, so there won't be any surprises. Never move, Jessica Jones. You might not realize it, but you, and Malcolm (and even the twins) have a good thing going.

Screw you, MTA.

Not a question, just a reasonable reaction to a completely believable subplot in which the bureaucracy places the job security of a drunk brother-in-law over the safety of the average public transportation user. Thanks!

What are the chances Kilgrave bought Jessica's childhood home just to bake cookies?

Slim to none, but you never really know with this guy.

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