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Will Jane The Virgin And Rafael Just Get Together, Already?

And more less-than-burning questions from the season finale.

A hurricane so strong that it forced the evacuation of Chuck's hotel and, improbably, shut down Uber and Lyft's Miami operations isn't the only impediment to Xiomara and Rogelio's wedding, we discover this week. When Darcy reappears the day before the ceremony with a bun about ready to pop from her oven, Xiomara decides the mature thing to do it to put the nuptials on hold...leaving our season finale with a gaping hole where we'd expect the event to be.

Speaking of expectations, though, the season finale had a nice mix of the expected (of course Jane would eventually find Michael's letter, no duh that Xo and Ro will still tie the knot) and the surprising (Luisa as super-villain? Who the eff is this Adam person?). Let's tackle the issues!

Is the pull between Petra and Chuck really that strong?

As far as I know, Petra and Chuck were a casual hookup that turned into more for reasons I still don't completely understand. They never seem to enjoy each other's company all that much, and the chemistry between Yael Grobglas and Johnny Messner just isn't there. But this week we're forced to endure not one but two squirm-inducing speeches from Chuck explaining that breaking up and making up is "what we do."

Is it really? Because this is the first I've heard of it. Where I'm sitting, they went from "u up?"ing to dating to Chuck acting suspicious because he wanted to make some childish declaration of his love to Petra. Where was I during all these fiery fights and reconciliations?

To cap it all off, the sight of Rafael smiling at Jane combined with his reservation for an event room was enough to convince Petra that despite Rafael's effort to woo her back, Rafael prefers Jane to Petra. Which, if that's so, then why did he go to all the work to try to win Petra's affections once more?

As opposed to owning her own insecurities or admitting that maybe she's just not that into Rafael after all, Petra falls into Chuck's embrace -- and when Rafael catches her, somehow it's all Jane's fault. Oh, the same Jane that got you guys together last week? Okay, Petra. Sure.

How much did it slay you to see Michael in the flashbacks?

I thought it was painful enough watching Jane and Michael banter during marriage instruction, unaware of the tragedies that lay ahead. But, oh my word, when we saw him getting schooled on his ceremony Spanish from Alba, I nearly dissolved. I miss Michael so much! Are we sure he's really dead? Come on, this is a telenovela!

It was a nice bit of punctuation for the season that we got to hear Michael's testament to his love for Jane from beyond the grave, and it played well into this episode's theme that even if Jane refuses to believe in destiny, destiny clearly believes in her.

But seriously, there's gotta be a way to bring Michael back. Come on.

How is Xiomara going to navigate being a stepmom?

Poor Xo! Just think about it -- the reason Rogelio and she broke up all these years ago is because Xiomara didn't want to have any more kids. But now here we are, seven months after a protection-free hate bang between Darcy and Rogelio, and it looks like Xiomara is going to be a mom, at least a part-time one, after all!

This really blows! I have always been impressed that JTV had the fortitude to allow Xiomara to be uninterested in a second run at motherhood without "convincing" her via a babysitting gig or a late period. After all, lots of us feel that way, and we're poorly (if ever) represented on TV. But now she's gotten sucked back in because Ro couldn't keep it in his pants, and even if Darcy gets her desired custody arrangement (two weekends a month) Xo's back in the mom business, whether she likes it or not.

No wonder she wanted to postpone the wedding, before giving in and agreeing to have an impromptu ceremony during the storm. Maybe all that stuff about Xo and Ro choosing each other despite destiny isn't the real message here -- maybe this is all a story about how some people staunchly refuse to listen to the universe when it tells them something is a bad idea.

Fine, I'm just being sour here -- I love Xo and Ro together and I am glad they were wed. But Xo better not be fully saddled with yet another child, or JTV will face my wrath.

So Luisa is just full-on evil now?

I do not get this chick. She ignores all of Rose's sins and participates in a massive masked cover-up to remain with her, but then dimes Rose out the moment she's offered an immunity deal? What is that all about? It seems like if all these other sacrifices were made without thinking, flipping on Rose is...odd, and extremely dangerous if Rose has any connections on the outside. After all, if Luisa dies, who's left to provide the evidence necessary to put Rose away?

Even more confoundingly, Luisa has the temerity to be angry when she determines that Rafael was using his cancer as a ruse to get her up to Miami. So Rafael's a terrible person for lying to get Luisa to come to town, but Luisa isn't scum for betraying her lover?

I wasn't surprised -- nor are you, I'm sure -- to hear Rose speculate that Eileen killed Scott, likely because Rose threatened to off Eileen if their face share was found out (please, tell me more about how Rose was turning over a new leaf, Luisa!). But, still,it seemed like rushed ending to a mystery the show once presented (falsely, it appears) as significant.

Luisa's villainous topper seems to be the formerly-shredded will addendum cutting Rafael off (apparently, this is the night for paper products from beyond the grave!), which she says means she can kick Rafael out of the hotel. Guess it's good that Jane just taught Raf to ride the bus!

Will Jane and Rafael just get together, already?!

Then again, Petra isn't wrong to look at Rafael and Jane's relationship with a raised brow. There is A LOT of close talking and head-on-the-chest hugging for folks who are just friends. While I never found them to be a great fit the first time around, post-jail Raf 2.0 isn't just a dreamboat, he's a cool, chill dude who has grown into a man who deserves Jane almost as much as Michael did.

Does Rafael see that they would make an amazing pair? I though maybe he did, from the elaborately neutral way he brought up Petra's allegations regarding Jane's possible affections. But the way he didn't follow up when she unconvincingly said she didn't have feelings for him made me think that maybe he was relieved at the denial? After all, one thing jail didn't take from Rafael was his drive to go after what he wants, so it seems like if he'd really wanted Jane, he would have pushed more.

Maybe he'll realize his mistake when he learns that Michael's letter was delivered by a man named Adam, who is definitely not a teenaged werewolf this time around.

What he is is Jane's first love, seemingly brought back to her by a quirk of real estate, you guessed it, fate -- he'd apparently lived in Jane and Michael's apartment after a grieving Jane moved out, and he claims he found Michael's letter back then and, I guess, hung onto it all this time?

The weirdness of keeping some rando's letter aside, it's obvious who this guy is! He's yet another obstacle between Jane and Rafael, albeit one that looks like this:

Season 4 should be interesting!

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