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Why Is iZombie Treating Clive Like A Suspect?

Could it be the mustache? Eve Batey raises this question, and more, about 'Zombie Knows Best'!

One of the delights of breaking down the walls of zombie secrecy between our characters means that we get to be reminded of how "normalized" zombie behavior has become on this show. That's because Clive -- who, all things considered, is rolling with the news pretty well -- is constantly faced with new horrors, like realizing that when Liv heads to a homicide scene, she's already planning a menu for the cranial remains.


Pushing away some thoughtlessly presented chips isn't Clive's biggest move this week, however -- in fact, this episode is all about our taciturn detective, who finds himself on both sides of the interrogation table. His gruffness is a nice break from our saccharine mystery of the week, one that will feel familiar to any fan of the still-living, non-musical Rob Thomas. But of course, there are questions.

Does Clive really look like "black Tony Stark" with that mustache?

Clive first meets Wally when the kid opts to entertain himself by, improbably, bouncing a ball off their shared apartment building hallway's wall. First, what kind of mom just lets her kid do that? Maybe those zombie-hating zealots are a red herring, and Wally was actually killed for ball-related crimes? No jury would convict.

But when an undercover Clive attempts to get the kid to stop his infernal bouncing, the child tells Clive his undercover mustache makes him look like "black Tony Stark." Agree or disagree?

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I have to admit, I was skeptical when Wally made the allegation, but looking at those photos side by side I'm a little more convinced.

Why is this show trying to make me hate Ravi?

You'd think from the way Ravi creepily continues to obsess over Peyton that he's the one on teen girl brain -- he's still whining to anyone that will listen that he can't stop thinking about Peyton and Blaine having sex. So I'll say it again: You and Peyton were not together when she slept with Blaine, Ravi, and she didn't know that he was a baddie when she did the deed. You don't get to be mad at her over this!

Of course, Major doesn't help matters much. Actually rolling on teen girl brain, he goes off on some anti-Peyton rant, accusing the ADA of slatternly behavior and unkindness to Ravi, for, I guess, living her life? I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, since the best friend of the deceased teen Major just ate says the dead girl was really judgmental, but we need a character to come in and set both these bros straight, stat.

And why isn't Ravi considering the possibility that Blaine is faking the memory loss side-effect of the cure?

Don E presented a simple and elegant reason for Blaine to fake his memory loss last week: a successful cure would kill his business, and his current blank slate gives him an in with Peyton. And Don E is no genius! But even though Ravi is clearly jealous of Peyton and Blaine, he seems to reserve his distaste for the female side of the coupling, leaving the murderous sociopath off the hook. Even when Major asks, this week, whether Ravi thinks Blaine is faking, Ravi brushes him off to talk a bit more about his still-developing cure. It's so so easy for Ravi to believe the worst of Peyton, but Blaine gets a free pass? Seriously, Ravi, you are losing me here. Turn this ship around, show.

Do you trust the tube?

I have NO COMPLAINTS at all regarding the scene Major causes in the Fillmore Graves merc locker room. There's a lot to look at, and it's fun to hear a man complain about his appearance when confronted with those who are far more bodacious. (Speaking of, if you are fond of Robert Buckley, check out the first episode of Hulu's Dimension 404, which dropped last week. It's not a great show -- it's basically their toothless and predictable answer to Black Mirror -- but Buckley is very winning as a music blogger who's looking for love.) But is the solution to Major's -- or any zombie's -- vision and mood swings problem a tube of "mushed together brains" that apparently doesn't even need refrigeration?

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And is that all the mercs eat? Is this, basically, their Soylent? Is that why they all look so good? I have about five million more questions on iZombie metabolism mythology, including the ability of the undead to add muscle or cut fat, but I'll save them for another day.

But here's the thing: I get worried any time a vulnerable group is forced into a single, corporate-controlled food source. If everyone who got infected at the Fillmore Graves retreat 21 months and 21 days ago is reliant on the tubes, it seems like all we need is one thing to go wrong and we have a bunch of sick -- or worse -- zombies. We know Fillmore Graves owns Max Rager now; does that mean they also inherited their willingness to experiment on undead subjects? (A willingness Ravi seems to share! How long before they offer him a job, do you think?)

Anyway, these tubes make me anxious, and not just because wandering dogs can apparently sniff them out of civilian trash cans. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but if I were Major I'd ride out the visions and stick with Liv's cooking.

"In this house, we eat whole brains and we solve murders."
Olivia "Dad Brain" Moore

Why is iZombie treating Clive like a suspect?

I know we needed a framing device to explain Clive's relationship with Wally and his mom, but the way iZombie structures things -- Cavanaugh sits Clive down for questioning at the conclusion of the mystery-of-the week, and we jump back and forth in time the rest of the episode, with flashbacks inside flash, uh, forwards (I guess) -- it feels needlessly labored.

And then there's the near-adversiarial tone Cavanaugh takes with Clive as he asks him about the family! Sure, if he had really wanted to play hardball he would have pulled Clive into the box, and Clive's pointless evasiveness (why not tell his colleagues the whole story at the onset of the investigation?) didn't look non-suspicious. I get that Clive and Co. want to lead Cavanaugh away from the zombie heart of the issue, but Clive's certainly been a cop long enough to know how to do that without raising red flags, one would think. But apparently not, as Cavanaugh has to ask question after question to get the whole story from Clive. Weird!

Remember the last time we heard this one?

The mystery of the week revolves around an older, married man about to be unmasked for his sexual relationship with a teen girl. Remind you of anything? From, say, a long time ago?

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Blonde girl with big Bambi eyes? Check? Preternaturally tan adult male molester/adulterer? Check. Photo/video evidence of the illicit liaisons? Check. This is Lilly Kane and Aaron Echolls redux, and if you had any doubts, there's Clive's call to child protective services, during which he says, "I've just seen these things end ugly." So has everyone who watched the first season of Veronica Mars (which, as you surely know, also came from the brain behind iZombie)!

Only this time, the mom was the killer, and the teen sexual outlaw is allowed to live. Things could be worse, I guess. But if next week Liv gets a pit bull named "Backup," I guess we'll know they've officially run out of ideas.

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