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Many Many TV 'First Rule Of Fight Club' References In One Supercut

Remember when that line showed up on TV almost nightly?

What the hell? bluepanda34 threw a couple movies in there, maybe, but mostly it's TV characters parroting or hacking the "...don't talk about Fight Club" line from Fight Club.

How'd you find this...whatever this is? Looking for a Michael Buffer video. (The "let's get ready to ruuuuuumbllllllle" guy.)

Who cares? Look, I won't sit here and pretend I haven't overused the reference myself. I just dropped one the other day when the cats were getting into it and I informed Pearl that "the first rule of FFFFFT Club is" etc. But I'd forgotten how it was showing up in just about every kind of TV show for a couple years there, and while it mercifully replaced variations on "show me the money," I haven't missed its ubiquity.


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