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It's A Whopper Of An iZombie When Liv Eats Liar Brains

Getting closer to the truth about Drake, Blaine, and Utopium.

  • Previously

    Previously: Dale and Clive think Blaine is the Chaos Killer, but it's really Major, but he's not actually killing anyone, he's just putting them on ice (since they're zombies and can handle this for a while), including Blaine's evil dad. Liv's new zombie boyfriend thinks a whole bunch more tainted Utopium might be buried with two dead dealers in a very large field. He might also be a bad guy, But have you seen his abs?

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Cory Carp a.k.a. Big Fish a.k.a. This Jackass

    Major and Ravi are digging in the field where the tainted Utopium is supposed to be, and Major finally finds a body! But Ravi has to immediately be a wonder-killer because he can tell right away that this corpse is too new to belong to either of the guys they're looking for, who have been dead for two years. When Clive arrives on the scene, Ravi tells him they were geocaching, when really it seems like the sensible thing to do would have been to just not call it in at all and also to not go digging for bodies in broad daylight.

    The victim has, along with two gunshot wounds, a coaster from a bar with a phone number written on it. Rather than check out the bar first, these crack investigators call the number, and a squicked-out but game young woman arrives at the morgue. Once the sheet is pulled back she's less squicked but also less sympathetic because she "hooked up with him a couple months ago...dick never called me again." "Possibly because he was dead?" Liv helpfully offers. The hookup knows his first name, the bar where they met (which was already on the coaster?), and says he claimed to be an FBI agent.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    Where The Bodies Are Buried


    ...He was not an FBI agent. The bartender at Possibilities tells Liv and Clive that he worked for the company they lease their games from. He'd come to service the machines and then hang out to try to, uh, service the ladies. They called him "Big Fish" because everything out of his mouth was a fish story. So now Liv's eaten pathological liar brain. Clive checks the address of the game company and realizes it's a front for Mr. Boss.


    Jeremy Chu is mad at Blaine for giving him the brains of a Holocaust survivor and the visions they come with. He demands Blaine send Natalie to entertain him or else. "I'm a zombie, I'm not dead." Blaine doesn't seem so interested in being a pimp.


    Ravi reasons that the same person who killed their Utopium smugglers must have killed Big Fish, since what are the odds of different killers dumping bodies in the same field? Maybe Ravi should listen to fewer Star Wars podcasts and spend some time with Season 1 of Serial.

  • On The Menu

    Brain Burger Deluxe

    It's a simple classic, perfectly executed, with lettuce, tomato, bacon, and a single slice of American cheese, on a sesame seed bun. Can't go wrong.

  • Dialogue

    Meet Frau Bader [Horse Whinny]

    It's time for the reading of Angus's will, and Blaine is surprised that Angus' lawyer has arrived with the family's German maid, apparently as stipulated in the will itself.

    Still ze insolent boy.
    I blame my upbringing. Clearly I wasn't beaten enough as a child.
    Zat remains my greatest regret.
    Really? So you're over losing out to Eva Braun, huh?
  • Family Matters

    Well Done Angus

    Who's causing a family crisis? Angus, from beyond the grave (or Major's freezer).

    How? His video will (from 2012, so well before zombiedom) leaves $10M and the Lake Como estate to Frieda Bader and the rest -- several houses and millions in cash -- to Blaine...unless Angus has died due to foul play, in which case everything goes to Frau Bader.

    Which relatives have a problem with it? Blaine, who really and truly had nothing to do with his father's death, or even his "death."

    Who's an unlikely ally? No one in this room, that's for sure. Bader immediately orders the lawyer to liquidate everything and gives him an account number to transfer the funds. Bitch came prepared!

    Spoiler: Angus is not, in fact, dead, so this may all be moot.

  • Meeting Time

    Coffin' Up Some Information

    Who called the meeting? Blaine, sort of.

    What's it about? Since we last saw Major ten minutes ago, Don E and Chief have captured him somehow, offscreen (sure), and now present him to Blaine as a gift, in a body bag tied with a giant car-commercial bow and everything, announcing that he's the Chaos Killer.

    How'd it go? Blaine's not too happy about Major killing his customers, and won't let Major get a word in to explain that he's not actually killing anyone. Blaine threatens to zombify Major and bury him "alive" unless he reveals the leak he assumes is in his company. Major has no problem explaining about his list, but won't give up its source. "Aren't you a little bit interested to know if you're on their list?" Blaine closes him in the coffin...alive for now, but he sends Don E. off to dig a grave.

  • Dialogue

    Mute Point

    [knocks on the coffin]
    Should we see what he wants?
    I sure don't want my hole to go to waste.
    [typing on his phone]
    Yeah, Chief. That's what she said. Don't bother.
  • Plot Lightning Round



    Liv is worried that the liar brain will get her in trouble, but Ravi's sure he'll be able to tell when she's lying. Ravi is right, because she is terrible at it. How did Big Fish ever get laid, let alone lead a life of crime? Regular Liv is much better at lying than Liv on this brain.


    The new clones of New Hope, the cured zombie rat, have killed their surrogate mother. Liv values rat life over Blaine's, and would rather use him as their guinea pig when the time comes to test another batch of cure.


    Clive and Dale are still convinced Blaine is the Chaos Killer, using his funeral home as a front. Well, they're almost right. Clive tells Liv that they found Cory's car in the impound lot with $13,000 quarters stashed in it. He was skimming from Mr. Boss's game machines, which might be why he was killed.


    Major finally has the floor and is able to tell Blaine that he hasn't killed anyone, including Blaine's dad. Blaine demands his dad back and that he gets a say in who Major "kills" from now on.


    Clive has picked up on the fact that Liv picks up personality traits of their victims. Good detecting! Ravi brushes him off.


    The gun found with Big Fish matches an unsolved murder from last year -- a would-be witness against Mr. Boss. Clive thinks the suspect in that case, who was never convicted, might be their guy in the Fish case too, but when he and Liv go to see him he says he won't talk without a lawyer.


    Major confronts Liv about "pal-ing around with Blaine." They say "pal-ing around" about 17 times, as if it's 1920. Liv kept it from Major because while the guy's evil, he's serving a purpose feeding Seattle's zombies. Plus, she was afraid Major might go after him. Major is concerned for her safety. He hears a noise and figures out she has a guy over. Liv, on her liar brain, lies very badly, but Major lets it go and leaves.

  • Meeting Time

    Movin' On Up...To Murder

    Who called the meeting? Mr. Boss.

    What's it about? Drake's being promoted to hit man.

    How'd it go? Mr. Boss sends Drake to kill Terrell Johnson, the suspect in the Big Fish case. Drake doesn't need any convincing, but for good measure Boss tells him that Johnson killed one of their guys and might be out for more revenge.

    Spoiler: From what we later learn about the Big Fish murder, this may actually be true! It also may not; the details of Johnson's deed are sketchy. And none of it much matters to Drake, who lies in wait for Johnson at his house.

  • Wrap It Up

    Liv and Clive arrive at Johnson's house and find no sign of him or Drake, but it does look like Johnson left in a hurry and was researching last-minute flights to Mexico. Did Drake actually kill him and stage this scene? We don't know for sure, but probably!


    Jeremy Chu arrives at Shady Plots and promptly becomes the Chaos Killer's next victim.


    Drake stands Liv up for dinner. When he finally arrives, hours later, she has a vision of Big Fish shooting him, and Don E. shooting Big Fish. It seems Big Fish had killed the two Utopium smugglers, and then went after Drake and Don E. when he found out they were looking for the bodies. Liv doesn't want to reveal any of this to Clive, because Don E. knows all about zombies, plus he was defending Drake and Drake helped bury the body so he was an accessory.


    The chief tells Clive that Homeland Security can worry about Terrell Johnson now that he's crossing borders, and he can "keep the coffee fresh until another homicide lands on your desk." Ouch. Clive: "They're K-Cups." Double ouch.


    Dale has a grainy surveilance photo of Shady Plots showing Blaine and someone who just might be Major.


    Drake leaves Liv hanging again, claiming the hypochondriac brain he ate is making him feel like crap. He's supposed to get her into the house of one of the drug runners since they were old friends, but in his absence she just knocks on the door and chats up his mom, claiming to be a reporter for Stars and Stripes. Vic's mom shows Liv pictures, including one of Vic and his best friend Lonny, which triggers a vision of the two of them digging their own graves in front of a swing set, then getting shot by Big Fish. "However he died," Vic's mom says, "I hope he wasn't afraid. I hope it was quick, and I hope he didn't see it coming." Liv lies: "I'm sure it was."


    Back at the lab, New Hope is dead, which doesn't bode well for Blaine and Major and the zombie cure.


    Angus is pretty freaked out to wake up strapped to a gurney in a freezer. Blaine has had himself made up like an old man, and claims 50 years, and a zombie apocalypse, have passed to scare him further. When he runs off to get "Doctor Zaius," Angus begs Blaine to help him. "Where have I heard that before? I know. I said it. Daddy, please help me. Frau Bader beat me. Please help me, Frau Bader made me clean the kitchen floor with my tongue. Frau Bader locked me in a dog crate all day. You gave that woman $100 million!" Angus wastes no time getting his wits about him once Blaine's ploy is revealed. If only a few days have passed and Frieda has his money, then people think he's "dead" from foul play, and he absolutely doesn't care that Blaine's feelings are hurt. He might want to be a little less cocky since he's still unable to move, though. Blaine orders a new will, leaving him with Chief and Candy, who are both more than happy to get their own revenge on Angus with some torture, turning up Les Miserables on vinyl to cover the screaming.


    As the rousing final bars of "One Day More" play, Liv, Ravi and Major find the bodies, triumphantly.

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