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Everyone On iZombie Has A Terrible Plan

Bad decisions abound in the penultimate episode of iZombie's second season.

  • Previously

    Blaine took the cure, and lost his memory. Liv discovered that Drake's a cop. Major went full zombie and Ravi knocked him out.

  • Character Study

    Type A Don't Play

    Name: Bailey Barker.
    Age: Early 20s.
    Occupation: Pacific West University Student, aspiring school senator, amateur blackmail artist, police informant.
    Goal: To gain everyone's approval, to win the class election, and to cement a massive drug buy to make Det. Benedetto proud.
    Sample Dialogue: "Ack gurgle gasp [splash]."
  • Health
    From the desk of

    Doctor Ravi Chakrabarti


    Major Lilywhite


    Second-round zombism, stress at being the Chao$ Killer (more accurately, Chao$ Kidnapper), hunger.


    Talk therapy: Patient should explain all the sneaky stuff he's been doing all season to Doctor and convince Doctor that to tell Liv would get her killed.

    Anti-depressive diet: One brain of an exceedingly positive person.

    Refill until Doctor comes up with a cure that won't wipe patient's memory.

  • Alert!

    Amnesiac Says What?

    Alert Type: I Forget What Kind Of Alert.

    Issue: Taking Blaine's apparent memory loss at face value, now-zombified Don E. and Chief have told Blaine that he works for them, not they for he. They now seem to be running the brain and the Lucky U business fast and exceedingly loose.

    Complicating Factors: Blaine is Peyton's star witness against Boss, so if he can't remember anything the case is sunk.

    Odd Side Note: As various Shady Plots staffers bag the same drugs Blaine told Don and Chief to keep hidden to avoid further Boss wrath, Don and Chief have a little hootenanny.


    Spoiler: There's a reason Blaine was the boss: Don and Chief don't have the (heh) brains for it.

  • That Happened

    Blondes Have More Fun

    Were you wondering what had happened to Gilda? (I wasn't, tbh.) After she was abducted from Liv's place last week, she's apparently been kept in one of those little white zombie cells in Max Rager's basement, where her dad popped down to show her a surprisingly crappy-looking commercial for Super Max. Maybe the ad looks so cheap because they wasted all their budget on getting Rob Thomas (the Matchbox Twenty guy, not iZombie's creator) to sing the jingle. Then again, having seen the singing Thomas around town, I can't imagine he was that pricey.

  • Meeting Time

    The iShield

    Who called the meeting? Various plot threads.

    What's it about? Liv went to Vice to ask about Drake's disappearance, but right after meeting Benedetto (who I called "Keith" in my notes about 100 times, how about you?) Clive shows up to ask about Bailey -- apparently she'd gotten popped for dealing Adderall, but her record didn't reflect that.

    How'd it go? No progress on Drake (which makes sense, for as we know Major put him on ice). Benedetto claims that he just "put a little scare in" Bailey, but that's not true. Benedetto later confides in Liv that he actually turned Bailey into an informant, telling her (as, we learn, he has many others) that she needed to make six buys while wearing a wire, after which her jacket would be wiped clean. But as a high achiever, Bailey was going for a big effort which might have caused her demise. If Liv spills the beans to Clive on Benedetto's little CI pressure program, it might keep them from figuring out where Drake is, Benedetto suggests to Liv. Liv agrees to keep his secret, and reveals that Bailey's meal card was used at the school snack bar the night she died.

    The bottom line, Benedetto says, is that he wants to get to whoever is behind Lucky U, and it's clear he'll cross some ethical lines (and happily play Liv) to achieve that. What I'm still trying to figure out is if he knows about Seattle's zombie problem -- did he bring up a zombie-fearing dealer to gauge Liv and Clive's reactions, or because he genuinely thought it was funny?

  • Snapshot

    Liv Is My People

    As one of's Hoarders correspondents, I have seen some hellish refrigerators in my day. It is a balm on my soul to look at Liv's, a fridge freshly tidied not just because she's on Type-A brain but because she's so anxious about Drake that she must organize. As someone who feels compelled to rearrange the furniture and straighten the closet in times of strife, I love this little note.

  • Brain­teaser
    Q Look, I love Clive and Dale together, and I agree that he gets short shrift from Seattle PD. But are we supposed to take this whole "Clive, you should join me at the FBI" thing seriously?
    A Of course not! The reason Clive solves so many cases is Liv, he knows that. It's not like he can take her with him! This is just some bullshit the show is setting up for next week's season finale. It's dumb.
  • Here's An Idea

    Go Big Guinea Pig Or Go Home

    Is Blaine just pretending that he lost his memory from the cure? Major and Ravi aren't sure, but the possibility that he might not be faking is one of the main reasons Major has yet to be inoculated. Then Major gets the bright idea to test the cure on Du Clark, which he morally justifies to Ravi by saying that the energy drink magnate is just going to kill Major and Liv anyway. So here's the plan: Major will zombify Du Clark as he trains him, then stick him with Ravi's shot. Brilliant, right? Yeah, I dunno, guys.

  • Passages

    RIP Steve, The Snack Bar Cashier

    It turns out that Steve did worse stuff than just processing Bailey's meal card in her absence! He's actually the Lucky U dealer from whom she was plotting her big buy. But he actually led a triple life, as another of Benedetto's CIs! Aware that the detective's informants wear a wire, he used the listening device to strangle her (wouldn't someone have heard that as it happened?), because he had a pretty sweet deal going: He'd feed Benedetto regular old boring Utopium dealers, using the cop to knock out his competition as he continued to deal the new Lucky hotness.

    But all good things must end. First, a marvelously intimidating Benedetto shows up to give Steve the business...


    ...unaware that Chief was lurking in the kitchen, listening as Benedetto laid on the exposition. Next thing you know, the big guy's knocked Benedetto cold and swiped his keys...


    ...and taken Steve out for good.

  • Wrap It Up

    Clive's going to detail Bendetto's unauthorized CI op in his report, with an Internal Affairs investigation sure to follow. Benedetto does his best Vic Mackey, as he implies that the next time Clive needs backup, he might not get it.


    Hey, remember this lady? This is the dog groomer Major convinced to cover for him the night Dale and Clive tracked Minor's collar. Like Ravi, she saw Minor's picture in the paper and knew something was up! So she came to tell Dale all about it.


    Major shows up at Du Clark's office for his training session, during which he'll presumably infect and cure the CEO. Janko comes in and whispers something to Du Clark that makes him want to take Major to "Tacoma" instead. Major's all "okay, let me put my bag in my car" (by which I hope he means "run like hell" because Du Clark is not blessed with much of a poker face) and heads out.

    The CW

    The CW

    Where he's busted by Dale and a bunch of other cops. He's on the ground, in cuffs and starting to see red.

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