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The Gang Wears Aggressively Offensive Halloween Costumes

If the Sunny gang will not just do blackface twice but double the number of characters doing it, how many taboos will their future Halloween costumes break?

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is -- it goes without saying at this late date -- a show that revels in breaking TV taboos. From the series premiere that found Dennis (Glenn Howerton) pretending to be gay for tips to the mid-Season 1 episode in which Mac (Rob McElhenney) abandoned his anti-choice "principles" as soon as his girlfriend accidentally got pregnant to the times Dee (Kaitlin Olson) used steroids, or crack, or ate human flesh, this is a world where bad behavior may have consequences, but no one ever learns from them. In this spirit comes the latest episode, "The Gang Does Lethal Weapon 6," which not only revisits the Mac-in-blackface-as-Murtaugh element from "Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth," but doubles it by having both Mac and Dee play African-American characters under a thick layer of brown makeup.

If this is the sort of thing the gang will do on an average day, how much more offensive could their costumes get in future Halloween episodes? I think I have a pretty good idea.

  • For a special Halloween Open Mic night, Dee dresses as her new “comedic” character “Haji the Bomber”
  • The whole gang wears Native American costumes to defend the Washington sports franchise. (They're still Eagles fans, but Mac convinces them to strike back at “liberal crybabies.”)
  • To burnish his cred with a cute Catholic girl, Mac dresses up as an aborted baby.
  • Charlie (Charlie Day) wears blackface as “witch doctor” President Obama because he has mistaken that offensive meme as an old photo of the President.
  • Dee dresses up as the corpse of JonBenet Ramsey.
  • Mac and Dennis get into a fight about religion, so when Mac decides to dress up as a priest for Halloween, Dennis dresses up as a molested altar boy.
  • Frank (Danny DeVito) tries to show deference to Vietnamese friends to whom he owes gambling debts by dressing up as a Vietnamese person, with eyes taped back and his face covered in yellow paint.
  • Dennis dresses up as Adam Lanza and the rest of the gang dress up as dead Sandy Hook kids. (vetoed by FXX)
  • When their plans for a photo shoot for a Paddy's calendar fall on the week of Halloween, Mac gets September, and dresses as September 11th.
  • Dennis dresses up in a Nazi uniform because he thinks it makes him look handsome.
  • Dee and Mac dress up as Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Jared Lee Loughner. (vetoed by FXX)
  • After an argument about wich is more badass, stabbing yourself in the chest or being stabbed in the chest by a stingray, Dennis and Mac dress up as Elliot Smith and Steve Irwin, complete with realistic chest wounds.
  • Charlie and Frank dress up as President Kennedy with a gun shot in his head and a blood-covered Jackie Kennedy, respectively.
  • The whole gang dresses up as a dead Afgan family, "to support the troops."
  • Dee dresses up as the anonymous Steubenville victim, and Dennis, Mac, Charlie, and Frank dress up as the Steubenville football team. (vetoed by FXX)
  • After becoming obsessed with The Passion Of The Christ, Mac insists that the group dress as Jesus and his abusers. Mac casts himself as Christ, Dee as Mary Magdalene, and Frank, Charlie, and Dennis as Roman soldiers.
  • Dennis finds that what he thought would be a hilarious AIDS patient costume is not helping him pick up ladies at a Halloween party.
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