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Why Wouldn't Danny Lie To A Shrink To Get Out Of A Psych Hold In Episode 2 Of Iron Fist?

And more questions sparked by the episode!

Something feels off in Iron Fist. That's clear from the first episode. Danny Rand doesn't fit the mold of our other Marvel/Netflix characters: where Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are complicated, damaged, and mysterious, Danny Rand is kind, spiritual, and trusting to the point of naivety. In comparison with his fellow Defenders, in fact, Danny seems like a dope.

By the start of the second episode, sweet dumb Danny has been drugged and committed to a mental hospital by the Meachums. (Hard to imagine many other superheroes sitting down to tea with people who recently tried to have them murdered, right?) This episode doesn't explain much more than the pilot does, but did leave me with a ton of questions. For one, who thought it was necessary to make this episode more than an hour long? That aside, let's dive into some more pressing matters.

Why did Harold fake his own death?

One thing we know for sure: Harold Meachum is alive and well. He faked his own death over twelve years ago, but we're still no closer to knowing why. He's still involved in the company via Ward, so it's not as though he made a clean break. He seems to be lying in wait. What -- or, more likely, who -- is he hiding from?

Does Joy know her father is alive?

We know that Ward is still in contact with his father and regularly does his bidding. Joy, however, truly seems to believe that her father is dead. Could Ward really keep that big a secret from his sister? Why would Harold tell one of his children and not tell the other? Doesn't he trust that Joy would keep his secret?

Is Joy shady?

I can't get a read on Joy. Is she evil like her brother, or just dumb like Danny? She did drug Danny and have him taken to an asylum, but only after he broke into her house and low-key committed grand theft auto, which, you know, seems kind of logical when you think about it. It's also super-creepy that she lives in Danny's childhood home. Who buys the home of their dead family friends? She's got to be at least a little evil, right?

Why is Harold's penthouse so creepy?

If you were going to fake your own death and live in a secret penthouse in Manhattan, why pick one that looks like a subterranean lair? Personally, I'd go with a nice open floor plan where no one could sneak up on me, but Harold clearly went in a different direction. The set in these scenes is so obviously designed to give viewers the creeps that it took me out of the action. I get that it's supposed to look sinister, but the effect gets comical at times. Especially when you consider his weird assistant who maybe lives there too? Hard to say.

Did the Meachums orchestrate the plane crash?

It seems plausible to me that the plane crash Danny and his parents were in was set up by Harold. It seems a little too convenient that an entire family of majority shareholders would go down in a plane crash, and that the wreckage would never be found. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to learn that Harold orchestrated the whole thing to gain full control of the company.

Why did Danny leave K'un-L'un?Why did Danny tell his therapist the truth?

While the K'un L'un story is all well and good, it's seriously frustrating when Danny tells it to his therapist in the mental institution. He was so close to being let out! The doctor believed that he was the real Danny Rand! Things were finally starting to look up for him! And then he starts talking about mystical planes and magical fists. You don't tell a shrink about your superhuman abilities! It's like Rule #1. C'mon, Danny. Just lie and get out of there! In this instance, the truth will not set you free. It will only get you locked in a padded room.

Who left the message on Harold's window?

After Harold goes to see a drugged-up Danny in the hospital, he returns to his evil lair to find the words "Where did you go?" written on the outside of his window. The fact that it's written on the outside of a window on the secret top floor is spooky enough, but now we know that someone is definitely keeping a close eye on Harold. We still don't know who is watching him or why, but it seems like a good indication that Harold faking his own death was probably a desperate decision and not something he did for the business. ...Or was it?

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