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Reason Netflix released the whole season the same day.


Why Isn't S01.E12 The Season Finale Of Iron Fist?

And other, non-burning questions about the episode!

Why did Ward trip on Gao's heroin, anyway?

Admittedly, it's a little late to be asking this question, since he already got high via patch a few episodes ago, but: why? Has he been paying as little attention as we have? It's one thing to be desperate and in the midst of withdrawal...but it's another to get high on the supply that comes from the shady lady who brought your dad back from the dead. Twice. This supposed kid -- the actor who plays him is thirty-five! -- needs to start making better decisions, with both his life and his haircut.

Bakuto's a plutocrat?

As he states: "We are living in a new age, where governments aren't the true controllers of man's destinies, it's corporations like Rand enterprises." Which is sort of sadly true, while also sort of sounding like something Don Jr. would say in a speech that he was overpaid to deliver. As if we didn't already know this guy was evil!

Does anyone care about The Hand's infighting?

Cause I sure don't. This mysterious faction has been lingering in the shadows and B-plots for so long that I tuned them out in the middle of Daredevil's second season. Which is to say: they've been tedious for a long time. And now they're going to be the central focus of The Defenders? It feels like overkill for a franchise about superheroes committed to patrolling Hell's Kitchen. Can't they just take on corruption at the MTA? They could even keep Bakuto around as a lobbyist or something.

WTF is so special about Joy?

The fact that she tolerates Ward's clear dickishness or that she takes her father's "return from the dead" in stride? She's an idiot! Worse: she's an idiot with money, which makes her inability to handle her first world problems that much worse. Girl needs to get herself a good therapist to work through her daddy and abandonment issues (it's straight-up creepy that she lives in Danny's old house, even if old house is a gorgeous mansion that comes with a key to Gramercy Park), preferably on a different continent; Australia would be fine, providing she takes the trip solo. Also: "Crazy In Love" -- while a masterpiece in its own right -- isn't exactly the most appropriate song to sing during a parent's chemo treatments.

Was Daredevil's fight coordinator busy or something?

I'm not the first to lodge this specific complaint, but all of the fights feel lackluster, to the point where the fight orgy in the Rand lobby (Danny, Colleen, and Davos vs. Bakuto and two goons) felt like a great time to get up and refill my half empty glass of water. The fights are lazy, with the specific feel of being rushed in rehearsals, as though the fight coordinators and directors decided not to work past 5 PM, but instead to add in drawn-out pauses, poses, and dialogue to fill time.

You cannot have a fight to the death at Bethesda fountain without a few witnesses.

Not a question, just an accurate point of annoyance.

Honestly, why go back to the dojo?

With Bakuto's body still MIA (but probably in one of those pods they put Elektra in), Joy in the hospital, and Harold still being shady, why return to the one known address on file? It's not like everything's okay because the noontime sun magically came out during the forty-five-minute drive from Central Park down to Chinatown, not least because that's not scientifically possible. It's a dumb move, but then again, Danny and Colleen are both dumb, so maybe they deserve to have their weird erotic meditations interrupted by the DEA.

Shouldn't the soundtrack be better?

Forget practicalities; in-universe, Danny's iPod is supposedly cool enough to win an endorsement from Claire. So where's the BDP? And the Big Pun? Anderson .Paak over the morning meditations is great, and so was OutKast in the very opening, but more mid-'90s through early-'00s tracks could have really made a difference.

Where do we go from here?

Admittedly, Harold setting up the Danny through a legitimate governmental agency is something that I did not see coming! But since he did, I happen to really love the idea of the series ending right here, with Danny and Colleen on the run from the DEA; it's a pretty nice setup that could potentially easily lead to them meeting Matt, Froggy, and/or Jessica. So what's next? Something exciting and/or logical within this universe? Probably not, but it's nice of them to at least send into the finale with some hope.

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