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The Wrong Man Is The Iron Fist, And The Right One's Standing Next To Him

Lisa Schmeiser's not a crackpot. S01.E11 just convinced her that an ancient order of monks and their immortal dragon really screwed up when they picked Danny Rand over Davos. Fortunately, this can be changed.

Lei Kung screwed up when he selected Danny Rand to undergo the Shou-Lao Challenge. He should have picked Davos, the monk who somehow sounds like he wandered in off a Guy Ritchie movie despite having been brought up in the Himalayas, and manages to get more done in an episode that Danny Rand does in a series.

What do we know about Davos? We know that he is Danny's childhood friend. We know that despite his similar monastic upbringing, Davos figured out how to wear shoes in a city a whole lot faster than Danny did. We know he actually packed for his trip to New York, unlike the towheaded idiot he tracked down. We know he was capable of folding lethal shuriken out of the flimsy foil used to wrap hot dogs.

We also know Davos is kind of a jerk to the poor dude whose only crime was operating a food truck near Rand's headquarters, but going by Danny's behavior in general, perhaps the Order of the Crane Mother just turns out thoughtless kung fu bros. "Forget the Eightfold Path," they say during morning practice. "We're here to make sure we kick ass and take cranes. Get it?" And then they begin high-kicking in a flurry of saffron robes and backwards baseball caps.

But enough about the likely monastic culture inside the Order of the Crane Mother! Let's get back to why Lei Kung -- who I am assuming is the hectoring scold Danny Rand hallucinated through the entirety of Episode 6 -- should have consigned Danny to rock rearranging duty in the monastery's zen garden, and tapped Davos for the Shou-Lao Challenge to become the Iron Fist.

Davos's people skills need work, but he's both competent and focused. He is also possessed of an iron will, refusing to succumb even to the temptation of pizza. ("It's not horrible" is how he manages to prevail against one of civilization's great corruptors.)

Davos can recognize talent when he sees it, admiring Claire's staple-gun job on Danny's abs with "You seem to be a very gifted healer." Or maybe he's just capable of delivering the most subtle of burns. Either skill is valuable, and neither is in Danny's arsenal.

We also know Davos just wants people to do their damned jobs. If you've been tasked as a living weapon to protect the city of K'un-Lun, then by God, that's what you do. If you've been tasked to remain in permanent opposition to The Hand, then don't dither when presented with an opportunity to kill one of the middle-management types in the organization.

Being the Iron Fist means being the living embodiment of "You had ONE JOB." Davos gets this, and basically spends the entirety of "Lead Horse Back To Stable" reminding Danny that he has ONE JOB. He also, in a feat of heroic self-control, does not ever snap at Danny, "Maybe this could have all been prevented if you had realized early on that 'Run around New York City talking about my parents' deaths to anyone who will listen' and 'Guard the pass of K'un-Lun against The Hand' are not compatible goals!" I mean...


He's not necessarily wrong about that.

There are two standout moments in this episode that show why Davos would make a much better Iron Fist than Danny does.

1. When Danny flashes back to his recollection of guarding the pass and he's irritated that this is his job, Davos is the one who seems to find serenity and purpose in having a clear job with a definable goal.

2. Davos's efficient dispatch of Bakuto after everyone else on the premises is all, "Oh, whatever shall we do with this demonstrably evil mastermind?" is pragmatic and mission-focused.

If the monks of K'un-Lun have managed to stay far enough off the radar to avoid drop-ins by Outside magazine contributing editors looking for the next "Death Of Everest" piece, it's not because of Iron Fists like Danny Rand. It's because of guys like Davos: calm, competent, and perfectly content to be a living weapon.

Imagine how much cooler this show could be if Danny Rand loses the Iron Fist and Davos takes it. This is still possible! Davos can spend the time between Seasons 1 and 2 hanging out with the immortal dragon and passing the test, then delivering the news to Danny that he's the new Iron Fist.

I am not a crackpot! Give the Iron Fist to someone who genuinely knows what it means to be as focused and effective as a sword. The city of K'un-Lun should get a do-over on selecting an underqualified white dude with the focus of a gnat as the guy for the job.

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