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Reason Netflix released the whole season the same day.


In S01.E05, Claire Temple Finally Finally Finally Classes Up Iron Fist

When a familiar face pops up on the latest/least fun Marvel series, everything starts to look up.

I would change my name to Jarvin Stinkbottom for $100,000 and not think twice about it. Danny Rand turned down $100 million because he would have had to change his name. Identity and family is supposed to be important in Iron Fist, you see. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to bring compelling conflict to its characters.

Take poor, very wealthy Ward. The man is a puppet, and he did not even get to become the President of a country for his troubles. In a dilemma I hope only a few of you ever experience, Ward has to take orders from his father, Harold Meachum, whom everybody believes to be dead (including Ward's sister Joy.) Ward isn't compelling, though. He is forced to repeat Harold's heartless business demands to the understandable protestations of Joy and the rest of the powers-that-be at Rand Enterprises, but when he complains to Harold about it, he seems annoyed at having to do more work than anything else. He rolls his eyes and sighs at anything remotely out of the limited realm of his imagination, despite the fact that he takes demands from a father who was brought back to life. In the fifth episode, "Under Leaf Pluck Lotus," Ward finally does something somewhat charming.


Eventually taking the synthetic heroin left in his drawer (Chekhov's Smack?), Ward's getting hooked on The Hand's supply appear to be in the cards. You know how whenever anybody who becomes a drug addict is much less fun to be around? Ward might be the exception.

I'm also certain that the show was intended to preserve the Marvel Cinematic Universe's impressive track record on Netflix (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage) going into The Defenders. So far, it looks like The Defenders will be less like the intended Golden State Warriors-esque lineup of MCU protagonist All-Stars but the Golden State Warriors resting-a-starter-or-two-because-they're- playing-a-back-to-back, this-being-a-nationally-televised- game-be-damned-esque lineup. Rand is no Jones or Cage -- not even a Murdock. We could sit here all day complaining about the lead, but specifically in this episode, let's focus on how he is ruining Colleen Wing's life. Danny means well, but this is gross.


Colleen is a fucking badass with the major flaw of having a huge crush on Danny. When Colleen, like a normal person with a strong sense of self-preservation, complained that Danny didn't tell her there would be men with machine guns standing in their way of their mission to disrupt the heroin delivery, Danny basically called her a pussy. Knowing comic books, Colleen is doomed to get seriously hurt or killed, Danny will most certainly feel really bad about it, and we will all hate him because he drove her into it and played with her emotions.

But thankfully, after about four hours and 15 minutes of this 13-hour movie comes a beacon of light, shrouded in darkness. The scene begins with Colleen working out a pupil in her dojo. An unidentified barefoot woman kicking Colleen with a padded bag between them. Who could this be?


Please be Claire.


Pleaaaaasseee be Claire Temple, the best nurse in the world.


Oh neat, it's Claire Temple.


Claire has appeared and played crucial parts in the three previous MCU series, so when she's around, Iron Fist is automatically much better. Although there's a slight chance this could be the contemporary equivalent of Jacqueline Kennedy making a cameo on Mister Ed, Claire Temple tends to guarantee two things are about to happen: 1) shit is going to go down, and 2) someone with a hospital allergy will need intense medical care. The latter occurs when the synthetic heroin-producing victim of The Hand is stabbed in the chest and fears for his life. (Radovan, who produced the heroin, is more likable than everyone on Iron Fist except Colleen, by the way. He made the drug because his daughter Sabina was going to be killed otherwise. Family first.)

Poor, financially challenged Claire. While we smile when Colleen says the now familiar "We know a nurse," Claire is terrified and backs away from the man she just saved when she realizes she just got entangled with The Hand. Claire also curses her luck when Danny reveals that he is another person with, as she puts it, "special skills": "God! My mother says I can't escape meeting people like you," she says, seemingly on the verge of tears. "That it's my destiny."

Thank God for that.

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