Jasmine's Going Through A Rough (Fentanyl) Patch On Intervention

Will her grandfather's illness motivate her to get better?

Sooooo it appears that Jasmine's episode is 1) actually a Canadian Intervention, which we don't normally cover, but 2) also maybe the season finale, which got no fanfare. The struggle to reconcile A&E's press materials, the guide listings, and what's actually airing is real and has gone on all season; we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. ("Inconfusience"?)

On with the show(-o-matic)!

Severity Of Addiction

Jasmine, 26, is going through $1200-1500 CDN of fentanyl a day, or is capable of doing so; sometimes she smokes crack to...pass the time between fentanyl fixes? Those wouldn't seem to serve the same need, but I'm not a doctor. In any event, Jasmine started partying young and had graduated to stealing her beloved late grandma's oxycodone by age 18; she did get clean for a few years, but the disease is of long standing and has taken over Jasmine's entire life.

Level Of Addict Depravity

I suppose it's beside the point, tacky, or both to note that, while Jasmine is turning tricks to make money, she's charging a healthy $200-250 an hour for her services, but...here's me, noting that. But it's still dangerous, and a vicious cycle -- she half-cries that she has to use to numb out the experience of hooking, but she's hooking to pay for drugs -- and it's not making her enough bank to keep her from commandeering most of her grandpa Reg's pension (with his knowledge) and helping herself to more than they agreed (also with his knowledge, because Reg knows math; more on this momentarily). She's lost custody of her son Oakley (...whatever), and while her ex, James, is somewhat elliptical about the shoving match that resulted in a mutual order of protection, one gets the distinct sense that James was trying to get the baby away from a lit-up Jasmine and she was more than happy to leverage the idea that he "assaulted" her instead of taking a look at her own shit.

Native Likability Of Addict

Minimal, I'm afraid; see above. Confronted by Reg about nicking an extra hundo, she defaults with a quickness to bratty self-pity, trying to guilt Reg -- who has melanoma, ffs -- for making her feel bad for stealing from him. (...Again.) This is likely one of those cases where it's just hard to say what Jasmine's really like because the disease is blocking out all light, but the hair-flipping in one diary-cam segment gives the impression that she may have been indulged as a child because she was pretty.


And she still is, despite the face-picking scabs, but the immediate boo-boo-kitty waterworks she turns on at the intervention itself aren't a good look.

Cluelessness Of Family/Other Enablers

Reg is aware that he's her chief enabler, and is probably having his hand forced as far as needing to focus on his own illness. Mom Carmen is a nurse with deeply clueless bangs,


but she's long since had it with Jasmine and kicked her out of her house, commenting in a talking-head that at this point, cops coming to the door to tell her Jasmine's dead would "be okay"; younger brother Jake is so over it, he's under it with the whole family revolving around Jasmine's drama.

Inciting Incident

Carmen worked all the time when Jasmine was a kid. That's it as far as I can see. Her grandparents stepped up to help raise her, and it was Reg who put a stop to the using when Jasmine was a teen, though that didn't stop her from stealing her grandma's pills. (Her grandmother died two weeks after Jasmine quit doing that and got clean.)

I don't get the impression there's much opportunity in Elliot Lake, ON for a bored young lady who developed an early taste for getting fucked up; an enrichment program probably could have diverted all of this.

Assigned Interventionist

Maureen Brine, a soothing if unremarkable sensei who keeps everyone calm and on track and is very nurturing with Jasmine on the trip to rehab.

Success Of Intervention

Hat tip to Carmen, who makes Jasmine hold a picture of her late grandmother while Carmen reads her letter; that is some hall-of-fame emotional manip right there. Jasmine is weeping and pouting from the get, and balks at going to rehab now because Reg is sick, but after Carmen and Jake guilt her about Oakley, she snuffles, "I guess so."

Follow-Up #1

No previous-subject check-in.

Follow-Up #2

Three months later, a clear-skinned and -eyed Jasmine says she's made friends, and learned to let her guard down and forgive herself.


She looks well, and rehab staff seem encouraged for her future, but unless you give that one a directed career goal, I think she relapses sooner rather than later.

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60+: China White

Final Score: 32

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