Watch Amy Schumer Talk About The Kurt Metzger Scandal On Charlie Rose

She likes Metzger as a person, but pretty much hates everything he says. That makes sense, I guess.

While on tour for her new novel, The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo, Amy Schumer found one of her Inside Amy Schemer writers was making headlines, and not positive ones. While fans were reaching out to Schumer, via Twitter, to try to get her to fire him, Schumer's response was to act a bit vague on Twitter. For one, she exclaimed that there was no show to fire him from, which only led people to believe that she had moved on from Inside Amy Schumer, despite its previously announced Season 5 renewal.

Schumer tried to clear everything up on Charlie Rose last night, saying that while she liked Metzger, she rarely agreed with him. The fate of the show is also addressed in this clip.


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