The Cicely Tyson Revelation Revue Returns To How To Get Away With Murder

Every time she shows up, the beans get spilled.

Welcome back, Cicely Tyson! As surely as the first robin heralds the coming of spring, so does your appearance on How To Get Away With Murder indicate that it's time for a late-season revelation that will make us understand Annalise in a new way. In the past, we've learned about the abuse Annalise suffered as a child, and now we get more specifics about how Ophelia burned up the man who who did it to her.

We also learn that Ms. Ophelia has a touch of dementia, so when Annalise, out on bail, tells her mother that all the charges against Annalise have been dropped, the poor old woman immediately believes it and thanks the good lord. Don't be surprised if this leads to a plot to pin Wes's murder on the old lady, and maybe also the Hamburglar's crimes.

But until then, let's see who kept the wheels of insanity turning this week.

  1. Asher
    This week, Michaela reveals that Asher farts in his sleep.
  2. Michaela, Connor, and Dead Wes
    Michaela's job is managing Laurel, whether she's freaking out at Dead Wes's memorial or disappearing shortly thereafter. Given that Laurel ends the episode by breaking through police tape to enter Dead Wes's apartment and put on his shirt while she cries, I'd say Michaela needs a new assignment. Meanwhile, Connor continues to pull faces and yell about how they could all go to prison at any time. By now, the only person who might forget that is the one with dementia. As for Dead Wes...well...he just ambles around in flashbacks, receives phone calls from mysterious strangers, and shows up at Annalise's house to find Nate inside. But in the present day, his body turns up missing from the morgue. So that's interesting!
  3. Bonnie
    Bonnie keeps the plot moving forward this week without any personal moments, but at least she gets a few things accomplished. Namely, she secures Annalise's bail after threatening a civil rights lawsuit. You can see her point, since Wes's body is missing and Annalise is getting assaulted by her fellow inmates. The fact that Annalise intentionally provoked those assaults is just a minor detail.
  4. Annalise and Laurel
    Full marks to Annalise, by the way, for taking a beatdown in order to facilitate her release. She does this after her dad lectures her on selfishly wallowing in her own pain while her demented mother suffers on the outside. So I guess we're also seeing her caring side again, especially when she lies to her mom about being cleared of all charges.

    But if that's too subtle for you, might I suggest Laurel? In full Grieving Diva mode, she begins the episode by shrieking at the well-wishers at Wes's memorial that they're all feeding off his tragedy. And probably some of them are? But boo, we've clocked your histrionics for this entire series. Maybe remember the billion times you screamed at Frank before you call anyone out for being showy with their suffering. And speaking of Frank: Apparently she DID see him in Annalise's house after all, but now she's convinced he's innocent. Until next week, that is, when I'm sure she'll flip-flop again. Fair play to her, though, for manipulating Nate into taking her to see Dead Wes's body. The discovery that it has been replaced is a biggie. Speaking of...

  5. Nate
    ...why did Nate bring Laurel to the morgue if he knew he'd already signed off on getting Dead Wes's corpse relocated? And why, if there was a paper trail showing that he requested the transfer, was there a tag on the replacement body that still identified it as Wes? Was this corpse switcheroo done through the system or not? Either this subplot has been sloppily written, or Nate's involvement is more complex than it seems. (Both are true, I'd say.) But if nothing else, at least we know that Nate was definitely in Annalise's house with Wes in the moments before he died. BUM-BUM-BUMMMM.
  6. Frank and Oliver
    Frank's pretty quiet this week, but by firing his public defender (played by Atlanta's Brian Tyree Henry) and representing himself, he guarantees that he can have privileged, private conversations with Bonnie, who is counsel to his co-defendant. That's a sharp move! Meanwhile, Oliver successfully lies to the DA about wiping information off Annalise's phone, then reveals to Connor that he has a backup of everything that was stored there. Plus, we get confirmation that Connor knows Oliver erased his Stanford acceptance letter. That makes me feel better about their relationship, since Connor is choosing to stay with Oliver instead of being lied to. That's about as romantic as it gets on this show right now, but I'll take it.
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