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How To Get Away With Murder Holds An Airing Of Grievances

Annalise doesn't want her students to murder her someday, so she encourages a healthy exchange of ideas (bitch sesh).

We're still a couple weeks away from finding out who's the dead body under the sheet, but the possibilities are dwindling. This week, we found out that Wes is alive in the flash-forward, as he's the one who snitched on Annalise to the cops. If you don't think Wes's finger-pointing is part of some grander plan likely set in motion by Annalise herself, I'd like to congratulate you on the purchase of your very first television. But the big thing was confirmation that Wes is not dead, which I think is supposed to make us think it's Connor, since we know the corpse is a dude, that Connor was in the house that night before it burned down, and that Wes, Asher, and Oliver are all safe. My money is still on Nate as the corpse, given that he's long since outlasted his usefulness on the show. Though I suppose there is always enough time for Annalise to get back on good terms enough with Frank in order to be sad about his death.

As for the case of the week, a mean old mom got poisoned with antifreeze, and her three adult children are accused of conspiracy to kill her. Which you'd believe, since they all hate her, for completely justified reasons (she's a verbal abuser). The case of the week takes on an allegorical flavor, though, as this is the annual Week When The Law Students Get Fed Up With Annalise. The impetus for this one feels a bit thin -- she lied to them about something to do with the frame-job on Charles Mahoney, which this week fell apart with a quickness since he has an airtight alibi -- but Michaela, Connor, Laurel, and Asher all line up to air their grievances about Annalise. Some complaints are whinier than others (Laurel doesn't feel valued for her talents! Asher thinks she's a bully!), but Connor seems to be keeping his eye on the "you keep almost landing us in prison" ball, and when Michaela is like, "I'm halfway to the looney bin at all times and it's your fault," it's hard to argue.

Still, Annalise takes it all, and afterwards, it even gives her some insight into the case of the week, as she realizes that the mom likely poisoned herself in order to teach her shitty kids a lesson. Let's just say Annalise understands.

It's kind of a week for people to get down in their feelings, though. So here's a quick ranking of this week's players by how miserable they are:

  1. Wes and Laurel
    I'll say this for Season 3 of How To Get Away With Murder: they have really cracked the code on the sexual chemistry among its cast. I'd have never expected it, but Wes and Laurel are hot together, and they get a bunch of time in bed to work that chemistry out. Laurel even blurts out a casual "love you" to Wes on the phone, which is potentially weirdsies, but not nearly as weirdsies as when Frank shows up at her apartment and overhears it. It's a rough end to what was otherwise a great week for her, as she managed to play a keen rope-a-dope on Antifreeze Mom in order to trick her into slipping up, earning herself an "A" from Annalise in the process.
  2. Michaela and Asher
    For as aggrieved as Michaela and Asher are during the great unloading on Annalise, they're kind of…giddy through the rest of the episode. They're another couple who have proved to be shockingly perfect together, and if they ever decide to do a webisode series of Michaela and Asher needling Oliver about his love life, I will watch every single episode. They seem to have gotten over their relationship stumbling blocks...for now.
  3. Connor
    Connor ends the episode in probably better spirits than anyone, since he and Oliver get to have either make-up sex or just-friends sex. Either way, seems like a win for Connor. Sure hope we find out next week that he's not dead.
  4. Oliver
    Oliver gets the edge over Connor for sadness because before he tumbled back into bed with his ex, he got a disappointing cold shoulder from Thomas after he disclosed his HIV status. Now, Oliver could have probably gathered himself to tell Thomas about all this at some point before they were at the lube's-outta-the-drawer stage of their third date, but it's still a crushing disappointment, particularly once we all get to see Thomas without his clothes on.
  5. Annalise
    She's still white-knuckling her sobriety, which would be funny if it weren't so dark. She seems to really take in Hargrove's speech at AA about losing her kid due to her bad behavior (let's all pause to note that Lauren Velez is bringing it this season), but it's hard to imagine that Annalise isn't on some level looking to find a way to use Hargrove's alcoholism against her/get the upper hand on her. When Annalise asks Hargrove for her phone in order to give her the number of a good family attorney (to help her get custody of her kid), I was half expecting her to do something sinister with it. Maybe we'll find out later that she did?
  6. Frank
    Frank has completed his transformation into the Alex Karev of the Murder-verse. He's objectively bad, and everybody onscreen always talks such a good game about how they're well rid of him. But they'll all eventually trip over themselves finding a way to let him back in. Which is why it was a surprise to see him get a big ol' stonewall from Bonnie when he returns and asks forgiveness for leaving her high and dry. We'll see how long that lasts. Or how long Laurel and Annalise stay mad at him, too.
  7. Bonnie
    I feel for Bonnie, but she gets like this every three episodes, doesn't she? Betrayed by everyone, bitter that she's once again being taken for granted, shut out of all the fun things that are happening. Before this show is over, Bonnie is just going to go full Dark Willow on this whole crew and reduce them all to ashes with her witch-lightning. And then she will sweep up the Annalise ashes into a dustpan and spend the next hour tearfully apologizing to that dustpan.
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