Could Frank Be The Brains Behind Everything On How To Get Away With Murder?

Ranking the players in the latest Bonnie-focused outing.

For a show about people who are supposedly lying, manipulating, and scamming their way out of whatever screwed-up situation they just put themselves into, How To Get Away With Murder sure has a lot of characters who have total meltdowns! Look, I'm not judging, because these people are under an insane amount of stress what with the homicides, legal malfeasance, and studying (in the case of the Keating Cub Scouts) for their doubtlessly-demanding law school classes that we never really see or hear about. What I'm saying is that you would cry too, if it happened to you. So, who was the worst emotional basket case this week, and who kept their shit intact? Here are the rankings, from most together to least chill.

  1. Frank
    You guys, Frank is the best. Yeah, yeah, I know, he's a murderer and a sketchball and I am pretty sure he gets his chest and arms waxed, but he also Ocean's 11ed the shit out of those dummies this week. From dealing with Connor's car to getting Wes and Nate's phone records to framing Levi to running that entire suitcase-of-money-in-the-storage-unit number on the kids, Frank is owning the board. And he still has the time and energy to bang Laurel in the basement! He's also responsible for one of this week's funniest throwaway lines: when Annalise says she "caught Nate and Wes together," the way he responds, "Screwing?" cracked me up. Whatever Annalise pays him, it is not enough.
  2. Nate
    Nate is admirably calm when Annalise confesses that his wife wanted her to assist in her suicide and/or tries to get him to spill the beans about what he's doing with Wes. When he finally tells her what his plot with Wes is, it's cooly straightforward: Wes believes Annalise killed Rebecca, which Annalise warps into "Bonnie killed Sam!" Then when Annalise tells Nate that basically everything that has happened so far went down because she was protecting poor little rape-vic Bonnie, Nate quite reasonably asks, "What about protecting me?" He's a lot more chill than most of us would be when faced with Annalise's ploys.
  3. Laurel
    Anyone who can parlay stress over a possible murder/conspiracy rap into sex with Frank gets my full approbation. Double points for managing to mask a red bra beneath a white shirt.
  4. Wes
    Wes has never really been Mr. Personality, and this week is no exception: he shows little emotion until Levi pulls a gun on Frank's cemetery-staff pal Bruno. Even when Annalise gives Wes an opening like "Are you feeling okay about us, about our relationship?" (a totally appropriate question in an employer/employee setting), he keeps calm. It's not until he opens the auspicious suitcase in Bruno's empty storage unit that he starts to unravel, because when you're hoping to find your dead girlfriend's body, a massive amount of unattended cash is a clear disappointment.
  5. Michaela
    Poor Michaela! From the middle-school razzing she's getting from her schoolmates over her lack of sexual experience to having her phone confiscated by Annalise as she describes her lingerie to Levi, it's a rough week for her. On the plus side, she gets some of this week's best lines, from frantically screaming, "Are you two gay for each other?" at Wes and Levi to spitting "You let me have sex with 'Eggs 911'" in the storage unit. And now that Levi's presumably out of the picture, I assume Caleb will be stepping in? I have a rotten feeling about this.
  6. Connor
    When Connor isn't drunk and talking about group sex with his colleagues a biiiit too much, he's actually quite touching this week! After Annalise reminds him how easliy he could be implicated in Sam's death, he crumbles in front of Oliver, saying he could go to jail, that he loves him, and that their relationship "is everything, you mean everything." (Low bar, but could they be the only good couple on this show?)
  7. Levi
    Levi is off the rails from the start! What was he thinking, pulling a gun on Bruno as if that is the best way to get the scoop on the Rebecca body cover-up? That is the very definition of a poorly thought out interrogation, bud. Slightly more understandably, he loses his damn mind when the police dramatically discover a bunch of bags of meth in his trunk (did you hear the one cop call him "Heisenberg"?). Sorry, Eggs 911, you just got Franked.
  8. Helena Hapstall
    Look, lady, I'm sorry your brother and sister-in-law were killed, but there's no need to go racial. Pull it together. Oh, wait, you can't, you're dead.
  9. Asher
    I went through the first 2-3 episodes of this show thinking that when people said "the puppy," they meant Asher. Puppies react to everything, hump anything, pee on the floor, and are oftentimes overbred, just like this guy. We've never seen these traits on better display than this week, as we realize that he's been betrayed by his dad, and know that Bonnie's feeding him a line of bullshit.

    When Bonnie tries the "I love you" Hail Mary and he responds in kind, you can see how trapped and panicked he is -- but more than that, you can also see that, unlike every other asshole on this show, he desperately wants to do the right thing. Frank's right to call Asher "doucheface," but he's a doucheface with a heart. And in the end, we watch that heart break in two when Annalise comes to his house with the worst flash drive ever.

  10. Annalise
    Other than that time a few weeks ago when she was bitching about not having any good junk food in the house, I never believe a thing Annalise says or buy any of her reactions, do you? This week, she goes full-on ugly cry "I hate what I did to you, and I hate myself" to Nate, falls into complete panic mode with Frank and Bonnie, and even her usual intra-office abusiveness seems to have a more ragged edge. Of course we know that every time she tearfully announces that she had to protect Bonnie is a lie! But the way she uses first the rape then the race card against Asher seem like such last-ditch desperation that I really do think she realizes she's losing her grasp on the situation.
  11. Bonnie
    So here's my first question, and I'm sorry if it makes me sound like a monster: how do we know that the little girl in Annalise's video is Bonnie? (It's not like Asher recognizes her on his own!) Sure, coming from a beyond-awful situation like that one fits in with what little else we know about Bonnie, from her willingness to submit to Annalise's vile abuse to her cold and bizarre slaying of Rebecca.

    Since we know she didn't actually kill Sam, her admission that she came over to Asher's to establish an alibi isn't an admission after all, so presumably she's actually cared about him all the while? The one thing that doesn't seem like a play is her complete and utter meltdown to Annalise when she fails to bend Asher to her will, sobbing "I tried, I can't do anything by myself...I was so stupid, just blame it on me." Anyone who had even a shred of sense remaining wouldn't give Annalise license to cast blame, because you know she's going to take you up that offer, big-time.

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