I Know This World Is Killing You

Allison tries not to freak out. Quinn tries not to pass out. Carrie tries to get some facts to check out.

  • Previously

    Carrie, Quinn, and a manky wig teamed up to figure out who wants Carrie dead! Korzenik thought he could play the Russians, but he thought wrong! The drop went bad when the assassin shot Quinn! Saul tried to sell Youssef on the idea of taking over Syria, only to see Youssef's plane go boom over the tarmac! Allison is the mole!

  • Here's An Idea

    Try To Be Less Obviously Shifty, Professional Intelligence Person

    Saul, Allison, and Dar Adal do a postmortem (figuratively) at the airfield. Allison can't stall the Swiss NTSB much longer, though Saul thinks they'll be patient since the U.S. has been open with them so far. Asked for a "working theory," Allison intenses, "Somebody betrayed us," and is rewarded for that dumbshit answer with a withering "Ya THINK?!" from Dar Adal, like, thank you. Allison heads off to something something spy something, a smirk playing over her face, and checks over her shoulder to see if they bought it.


    Where'd she learn intelligence maneuvers, Mad Magazine? The audience already knows her deal; there's kind of no reason for her to be telegraphing her sketchiness this strongly, at least to the viewer. Act like you've been here before.

  • Meeting Time

    Shitti Bike

    Who called the meeting? Carrie, by flattening one of Astrid's bike tires, thus forcing a meet in a parking garage when Astrid has to take the car to work.

    What's it about? Carrie can't trust anyone at the CIA, so she needs Astrid to ID the guy who shot Quinn.

    How'd it go? Fine. Astrid's pretty snarky about Carrie's "Bader Meinhof" wig and makes it clear she's doing it to help Quinn, not Carrie, but: she's doing it, despite Carrie's cageyness about what exactly happened and how she knows certain intel.

  • Hell No!

    Shot Great, Bob

    Because this is TV and the gunshot wound that goes off in the third episode has to get infected in the fifth, Quinn is breathing heavily and burning up with fever. Quinn's suggestion, typically, is to rob an emergency room for medical supplies, but Carrie elects to call Jonas, whose sister is a doctor.

  • Fashion Show

    Get The Look: Herr Robot Und Stripperfraulein

    Numan's pissed about what happened to Katja -- and, he assumes, Korzi -- and enlists one of Katja's colleagues to help him blow up the Russian embassy's spot. Once she's IDed the guy, "Boris," from surveillance tapes, it's time for Numan to mask up and call a protest at the Russian embassy the next day.

    Mask: To protect your identity.

    Hoodie: The hacker uniform.

    Nervous and scantily clad sidekick: Because what's a mismatched-buddy scene without one?

    Scowl: Russia messed with the wrong information-freedom warrior this time! After having messed with the right one and gotten what it wanted, and also they have a mole, but it's the principle of the thing.

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Something's (Getting Dropped) Off

    Allison and Saul debrief in the car. Allison's still awfully blatant with the "oh you say it wasn't the Syrians, tell me more and use small words" prompting. Even more suspicious is her decision to drop Saul at his hotel and go into work to something something passenger lists.


    "Don't forget your bag," she says robotically, and while Saul does seem to think it's weird that she's not hanging out, it's hard to say whether he's counter-playing her or genuinely doesn't get it.

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Unacceptable Losses

    Jonas turns up at the hideout with a duffel full of antibiotics and stink-eyes, complaining that Carrie said she was hurt and she needed help. She just ran off! She didn't call! Carrie is rather more chastened under the circumstances than we've come to expect from her; instead of being like, "I'm a spy and a guy's shot, help or fuck off," she responds to his "Why should I do anything for you?" with a sad "I don't know."

    He wants to take Quinn to a hospital, which Carrie and Quinn both kind of roll their eyes at, and then is all naive-civilian about "gun battles" and how Carrie shouldn't have to live like this. He can't lose her; he thought he had lost her. Carrie looks away all "you...never really had me, but: sorry?"

  • Meeting Time

    Smokin' A.C.s

    Who called the meeting? Allison, who's smoking more nervously than evil-signifier-ishly in a parking garage.

    What's it about? Ivan, Korzi's killer and Allison's contact (and possible boyf), has to reassure her that the plan is going fine, while expositioning for us to confirm Russian involvement in the bombing/Carrie assassination attempt, and outlining the desired hoodwinking of Dar Adal via framing Saul and Israel for the explosion. Get all that? Not to worry, another spoon-feeding is coming up shortly.

    How'd it go? Fine for the viewer, who's now clear on the players and the plan; not so well for Allison, who's extremely nervous despite Ivan's reassurances that the Carrie kill 1) was successful


    and 2) can only lead back to Ivan, not Allison. She can totally snow Dar Adal, Ivan says in soothing tones. Just play up Saul's "weakness" re: Israel, then hand over the passenger manifesto at the right time, and it's all cool. She asks him to stay there with her a little longer, and they hold hands through their car windows and smoke. Aw?

  • And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

    Diet Coke!

    You've had a loooong couple of days -- undercover ops, double-crosses, planes blowing up -- but you still have to convince a superior that your colleague/lover helped Israel blow up your best chance at regime change in Syria! Diet Coke is just the refreshing caffeine boost you need to protest juuuuuust a little too much that Saul isn't involved, and shouldn't have a surveillance detail on him going forward.


    (Whether this is actually Dar Adal trying to flush you out as incompetent or a traitor is, we're afraid, a job for Mountain Dew.)

  • Hell No!

    Plane As Day

    Saul's working on something something cross-check when Allison comes in with a passenger list from a Berlin-Geneva flight the day before the explosion. His Israeli contact, Etai, is on the list under one of his pseudonyms. "He was there, Saul. In Geneva. The day Youssef's plane went down." OKAY, SHOW, WE GOT IT. Saul not only accepts Allison's too-neat printout without asking to see the original document -- it turns out to be legit, but still -- but he asks her not to tell Dar Adal about it, and I would like to think Saul is trying to flush her out, versus trusting her intel when she's been a fireable dumbshit in the past, but I can't.

  • Character Study

    About Face

    Name: Vasily Kovas.
    Age: Dead.
    Occupation: Being dead; hitman for Russian mob (ret.); hitman for SVR, Russia's foreign intelligence service.
    Goal: To almost get Astrid busted for using BND resources improperly to find the guy; to give Carrie an angle on who's after her/the hacked documents, and why; to provide a generation of worms with delicious food.
    Sample Dialogue: "[being dead]"
  • Alert!

    Leading Back To The USSR

    Alert Type: Motivation Alert.

    Issue: As Carrie and Jonas watch the embassy protest getting underway on the internet, Astrid calls to tip Carrie to Vasily's deal -- and Carrie concludes there's information in the hacked documents that Russian intelligence doesn't want getting out. Carrie needs Laura Sutton to help her track down the hacker so she can see what that information is exactly.

    Complicating Factors: Laura's at the protest and not answering her phone; Quinn doesn't want her to go by herself, and would prefer it if she just left town, but he's too weak to enforce his will.

    Resolution: Carrie tasks Jonas to look after Quinn for "awhile," swearing it's the last thing she'll ask of him.


    Spoiler: Quinn's not THAT weak.

  • Snapshot

    The Etai That Binds

    Saul visits Etai to try to get a sense of Israel's involvement in the explosion. Etai says it's a coincidence; he went to Geneva to cultivate a contact, whom he won't name. Dar Adal's watch team photographs them together.

  • That Quote
    "We didn't murder the general you never discuss the coup you weren't planning."
    - Etai's last name isn't "BURN-stein," but it should be -
  • Plot Lightning Round

    Laura's interviewing people at the protest!


    Enter Carrie to buy a mask off a jobless rando!


    She does a classic Ocean's 11 phone pocket drop as the riot police get ready to move in!


    Laura answers the phone with a pretty funny "Carrie. What the hell?" and is told to lose her cameraman and "walk, don't run" to a meeting at a train station while, at the station, Allison shows Dar Adal the photos from Etai and Saul's meet! She tries to say that it's "hardly a smoking gun, sir," but Dar Adal's like, "Srsly?"!


    Laura and Carrie sit next to each other and feign phone calls to other people while Carrie asks Laura about the documents!


    Laura doesn't have them! Numan doesn't either; she's positive he's not lying about that! She suggests Carrie get a copy off the CIA server, which isn't really an option, for reasons we understand better than even Carrie does, but Laura smugs that it's Carrie's only option!

  • J. Walter Weather­man Lesson

    Quinn Deep Trouble

    Quinn is bleeding and shivering and Jonas wants to call an ambulance. Do that and "you condemn her to death," Quinn croaks, saying Jonas would do the same to protect Carrie. "For her, you would." Jonas looks unsure of that and dubious about why Quinn is sure of it, and when Carrie calls, he's like, your boy's dying. She can't come back for another couple of hours. "Call an ambulance, then," she snaps before hanging up, probably knowing Jonas won't go through with it. Jonas returns to Quinn's cot. "Shocker":


    Jonas looks for him, but he's go grab a gun and some zip ties.

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    Black Jack Gum!

    Has your mouth gone dry thanks to the looming specter of an intelligence face-off with Russia? Try a stick of Black Jack gum! Anisette and lavender soothe your racing mind; recycle the wrapper to request a meet with your former mentor who hates you now!

  • Wrap It Up

    Quinn is weakly attempting to zip-tie himself to a cinderblock on a riverbank when some rando walks up! Quinn tells him to go scratch, but Rando says only God can give or take a life! God has sent him to help Quinn! Quinn: "Un-fucking-believable"!


    He agrees not to drown himself, but refuses to go to a hospital, and staggers away!


    Saul takes a GoodFellas restaurant tracking shot route through the hotel kitchen!


    He zigs out onto the sidewalk and a cab pulls up!


    Carrie's inside! "You're a runner now, huh? Since when?" Carrie snarks. "Since Mira filed for divorce," Saul sighs!


    Quinn is fevering along by some garbage tips! He's trying to lift the lid of one of them, I guess to crawl in and die there!

    2015-11-01-homeland-quinn-pain 2015-11-01-homeland-quinn-trash

    Rando Samaritan (probably?) looms up over him as he passes out!

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