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NBC Remembers That One Hollywood Game Night Episode It Never Aired; Airs It

Maybe it's the...ladies' night episode...because Hillary? Or someone just noticed it on a shelf, finally.

Remember when we all gathered around the TV and watched the penultimate episode of Hollywood Game Night's fourth season? IN MARCH?! Well, less than four months later (...just), the season finale aired last night. I barely remember how the show even works, but I think these are the highlights and lowlights.

Worst First Impression

Georgette made a career change that kiiiiiind of suggests that she might not be a great person.

Then she proves it in the first game -- CineMojis -- by being the kind of player who doesn't actually guess anything herself, but who repeats other players' correct answers LOUDER.

Worst First Impression (Runner-Up)

Sit down, Rachel.

Drunkest Fastest

You knew who would end up taking this crown as soon as you saw that one of the ladies in this all-female episode was Meredith Vieira.

Worst Artists

Double Draw has had better outings than this.

When you draw a pig, you start with either the SNOUT or the TAIL. Come on.

Rudest Chitchat

Maybe let's not ALL make Julia Stiles feel less-than.

Here's hoping Michelle Saves The Last Dance for her!

Coolest Player

The one who knows her edgy sketch comics!

Most Suspenseful Game

Off The Top Of My Head is usually one of the stronger games in any episode, and this is no exception. All the celebrities are very strong players, really impeded by their civilians.

Best Teamwork

Rachel starts strong by choosing each team's best player.

If you don't know who Kate Middleton is right off the dome, this is not the show for you.

For Star Trek Week, we ask:

Which Starfleet ladies would be best at party games?

  • Deanna Troi: Could sense what you want her to guess.
  • Kira Nerys: Would bring focus and intensity to the task at hand.
  • Tasha Yar: WOULD WEAR FLATS.
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