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Natasha Lyonne Proves That The Most Delightful Player Isn't Always The One Who's Best

Gameplay: C. Fun factor: A+++++.

Episode MVP

Natasha Lyonne! Note that I have named her MVP of the episode, not the game; her gameplay is so-so to bad. But she is so much fun to watch and clearly such a sweetheart. Her glee at this free point (and Mario Lopez's unwarranted rage) highlights the difference between them, like, as people.

I mean, I'm a rules stickler too, but this was Darren Criss's fault entirely and she did nothing wrong by capitalizing on it.

The story of her boyfriend getting her a bad present is hilarious.

Even when she does something right, she can't help laughing at how dumb this all is.

She's nice enough to cackle at an extremely hacky Buzzfeed joke.

And while she is in heels, they're low and sensible and don't seem to impede her a bit. Love her. Want to hang out with her. Kind of want to be her?

Best Game

Welcome back, Letter Have It! (Still have to steal this for a game night....)

Most Incongruous Mention Of A Holocaust Movie

Most Unbalanced Round

Sorry, but "Animal Movies" is a WAY harder category to charade than "Fads."


Biggest Choke

If Krys wanted to take someone from her own team to Celebrity Name Game, Mario is the obvious choice; he hosts an entertainment news show (plus none of the other players on either team is really terribly strong). I mean, Mario has been a pill all night, but even I would have picked him. Partly, this failure belongs to Krys. (You don't know who Bill Murray is? Get off this show.) But mostly, it is Mario's, and I hope he is ashamed of himself.

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