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Hollywood Game Night Wishes It Had Never Taken Molly (Sims)

The ex-model doesn't exactly refute unkind stereotypes about her former profession in a ragged episode.

Shadiest Game

Odd-o-Tune isn't shady unto itself; it's just, as always, a little boring. But I personally think it's rude that every time Laverne Cox takes the mic, the effect her voice gets is very very deep?

Or was I the only one who noticed?

Kindest Description

Let's not be so fast and loose with our use of the word "supermodel" if we're talking about the likes of Brooke Burke.

Failiest Round Runner-up

Molly Sims should be kicked out of society for her piss-poor performance in Scary Poppins, with Shemar Moore right behind her.

And the pout she makes when she can't guess Puss In Boots is nowhere near as cute as she thinks it is.



That said...

Failiest Round

Scary Poppins did set the stage for Team Amaru's near-sweep of Smash The Buzzer: if Iliza Shlesinger hadn't shown herself to be such an intense competitor in Scary Poppins, she probably wouldn't have been the first person kicked off to the bar. Iliza: I get it. I've got two eyes of the tiger too.

Biggest Surprise Runner-up

I Love A Charade!

I have to say, again, I feel like the come-from-behind victory for Team Rebecca was entirely due to the determination and laser focus of Ms. Iliza Shlesinger, and everyone else was just pulled along behind her.

Biggest Surprise

Also the biggest bummer.

Iliza is a Hall of Fame clue-giver, and in that Laverne knows how to get out of Iliza's way unless her participation is absolutely necessary, they make a good team. Rebecca is also a good clue-guesser -- I mean, Rupert Murdoch? Most of the ding-dong contestants on this show would never. But I pin this loss squarely on the ample bosom of Eva Mendes, THE WORST CELEBRITY CLUE IN CELEBRITY HISTORY. And now I'm just convinced someone on the show has been listening to our podcast. (Hey, if that's true: can you get us screeners? This Sunday night time slot is a real bitch.)

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