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Hollywood Game Night Lets Miranda Cosgrove Show Off Her Impression Of A Bump On A Log

The former iCarly is currently iDozy in an episode full of annoyances.

Fastest Game

It's hard to get excited about an episode that features so many B- and C-listers: Kevin Nealon, Marlon Wayans, Miranda Cosgrove, Bill Engvall, Nicole Scherzinger, and Mario Lopez. (I mean, who's your biggest guy? Lopez? ROUGH.) But Title Twist did give me hope that it might actually be a zippy episode in spite of all of them when it went SO FAST.

Best Ladies' Boots

I'm probably going to be shitting on Cosgrove a lot, so here's something positive:

Trae Patton / NBC

Trae Patton / NBC

Sensible flat boots and a top and pants she can move around in. Not that she's going to? But still, good choices.

Worst Ladies' Boots

High-heeled footwear of any kind is always a bad idea, SCHERZINGER.



But over-the-knee boots are really a lot. You're at a game night, not a Pirates & Wenches party.

Most Chaotic Game

Get With The Program is new, and it's a fun idea. Jane Lynch's description of it is overly complicated, so let me shorthand it: it's Celebrity Name Game, but with TV show titles instead of celebrities, and you can't say stars' or characters' names. The problem is that having all the team's celebrities playing it just means everyone's yelling over each other as opposed to improvising a scene from a show.

And that's with two teams where it's a couple of guys and a silent woman! Imagine how much more oppressive it would be if Cosgrove and Scherzinger had actually tried!

Worst Cosgrove Showcase

How many rounds of Casting Couch does Cosgrove get through because she just picked up whatever and someone was dumber than she is?

Worst Game Edit

Just when you thought nothing could be worse than watching two stars trying to give clues "together" in Celebrity Name Game, along comes How Do You Doo-et? Nothing I say to describe how hectic this is could prepare you. But my god.

No one can even keep track of who's supposed to go up and sing when! ARGH!

Most Undeserved Ending

Look, I'm happy for Brian because he's clearly a great player. But Lopez and Wayans together are a horrible clue-giving combo and this only works due to Brian's sheer force of will.

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