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Hollywood Game Night Gets A Bad Case Of The Moms

Helpless game play slowly afflicts both couches. Not even the proven non-idiots are immune!

Best Case For Allowing Guests To Join The Band

Loretta Devine!

One of the original Broadway Dreamgirls! Of course she can cover Aretha Franklin with Dean Butterworth And The Scorekeepers!

Worst Case For Allowing Anyone To Join The Band

Oh, Jane.

If you're going to have the overweening confidence to try to follow LORETTA DEVINE in a musical performance, make sure you know the lyrics. Also, don't do that.

Most Winning Self-Deprecation

I know people are annoyed by Rachael Ray and her talk of "sammies" or whatever.

But this proves she can be charming and human.

Cutest In-Game Shout-Out


Least Cute In-Game Fuckup

If you buzz in and don't know the answer, at least come up with a plausible number and pretend you didn't just throw the question, Ke$ha. At least she got to come back strong at her next turn at the podium.

Sneakiest Rule Violation

Did YOU catch Mira Sorvino's later-penalized cheating in Back To Back?

I didn't! Here it is, isolated:

I don't think she did anything substantially different from what Ke$ha did behind her, but okay.

Most Unbalanced Round

Oof, Off The Top Of My Head. Painful.

We are all Jaime Pressly watching Loretta's choke job.

Worst Showing

When EVEN JANE LYNCH can't stop herself making faces at your shitty Celebrity Name Game clues? You suck.

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