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Hollywood Game Night Fails To Rehabilitate Jason Biggs

As the wholesome party moves to its insane new time slot, a gross celebrity fails to charm.

Grossest Celebrity

I was about to say that I try not to hold against celebrity players the things they do in the real world, but that's not actually true at all, and even if it were: fuck Jason Biggs, who is a bad person.

I love that his intro has to mention Orange Is The New Black -- a show on which he hasn't appeared since 2014 -- and the American Pie movies from a decade ago because otherwise Jane Lynch would have to talk about THE OTHER WAYS HE INJECTS HIMSELF INTO THE CULTURAL CONVERSATION.

Best Game

Cine-Moji is not that different from Title Twist, other than that it doesn't require players to take turns or buzz in. I the only one who thinks, based on his reaction, maybe Tyson Beckford's never heard of Rear Window?

Worst Game

I gather that Song Sung Wrong continues to exist because no one's got the balls to tell Jane Lynch it's a transparent ego trip for her. But it is, and it needs to stop.

I mean, who was itching to hear Lynch's interpretation of Joan Jett? NO ONE, THAT'S WHO.

Most Problematic Game

Either only choose celebrities of the same ethnicity for Trading Faces so that some of them don't end up in black/whiteface, or stop doing it.

Most Unbalanced Round

Good call from Lauren choosing the two people on her team who are most actor-like to do Lend Me A Hand; Beckford's faces and (though I hate to compliment him) Biggs's effective miming work very well. Chris Jericho seems like a nice young man, but as a pro wrestler, he's not really trained as an actor, and Bree Turner's cheating doesn't help.

Most Justified Disappointment

Poor Jill.



You seem likable. You did not deserve these bunch of buzz-throwing (PETER FACINELLI IN TRADING FACES) rule-flouters (BREE TURNER).

Most Delicious Comeuppance

Lauren seemed like kind of a bonehead (I mean: scroll back up to her guesses in Cine-Moji to see what I'm talking about), so I didn't think she had much of a chance going into Celebrity Name Game.

And I was right! Not that the bad cluing from Turner and Melissa Etheridge did her any favours. Chris Hardwick was never the host of Remote Control, Bree. WHAT EVEN WITH THAT SPIKE LEE CLUE, MELISSA.

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