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Where's Cosplay?

Waldo's easy to find, but the show sneaks across the border to Ottawa for another standard costume contest.

According to the voice-over person, the Ottawa Pop Expo is the first event of its kind. But we never learn what that means, because this show is interested in only two things: the costume contest, and Yaya Han's booth. I stopped by her booth at this year's Emerald City Comicon, and it's mostly kitty ears, plus a long line of people wanting to take pictures of Ms. Han. She seems to be doing okay for herself, at least in terms of booth traffic. But my point is that we don't learn much about what the Ottawa Pop Expo is all about. It's a "pop culture convention," which is basically what comic book conventions are these days.

This week, we again followed the adventures of the Atlanta crew, the Los Angeles Crew, and Jesse, all alone in Portland. There are people in the opening credits we still haven't met, which seems weird. It's fun to meet up with old friends, but let's mix it up a little.

Atlanta is being represented by Yaya, of course, judging the costume competition and dressing like the Baroness from GI Joe because it's something that allowed her to wear glasses. But she's not in the competition. My favorite costume was worn by Riki (or "Ridd1e," with a 1 instead of an L), who started out trying to do Ashe from League of Legends because it would let her have a glowing bow. But her silicone mold failed, so she switched to Elizabeth from Persona. The key here is that she specifically worked out a gimmick, where she could create a fan of cards from a prop book. Riki seems to put a lot of thought into what she's going to do onstage during the competition. She strikes a pose, then stays in character while moving to the next pose, then reveals the eye-catching gimmick, and then she hits a final pose and gets off the stage. This stuff isn't strictly costuming-related, but it puts things over really well.

Meanwhile, Indra ("The Fantasy Ninja") did Ahri, a nine-tailed fox from League of Legends. Her drama over the course of the episode involved a number of unsuccessful attempts to make the tails fan out in the air behind her, but she ended up letting them drag on the floor and it looked pretty good that way.

Jesse went with the Mandarin from Iron Man 3. He got to mold some metal rings, but it was more interesting to watch him pour molten metal than it was to actually look at the final product. They could have used more decoration. This costume incorporated his actual beard, which was a nice touch.

Los Angeles was a little handicapped by both Holly and Chloe not being able to go to this week's convention, but they got some screen time by modeling for some artists at Meltdown Comics. Then Holly and Jessica decided to make a Skeksis that Jessica would pilot at the convention by herself, which led to this week's Very Special Guest: Brian Henson. He's here to show off some actual Skeksises from The Dark Crystal and to give some helpful advice. He's great at that. He should have been a mentor on Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge instead of just being a judge. In fact, he's got plenty of useful advice to share with you!

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