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The Dark Specter Of Cosplay

Heroes of Cosplay is back, and people are dressing up like Pokémon. How could you not be interested?

If you've ever seen a news article or video about science-fiction conventions, you probably saw people in silly costumes. It used to be that hardly anyone dressed up like a stormtrooper or a Klingon, but they got all the press coverage because they tended to be more camera-ready than the average convention attendee. At least they put some attention into their clothes and makeup, you know? It's more interesting than a picture of hundreds of people in T-shirts or trenchcoats.

But these days, there really are a lot of people in costumes. And now there's a show about them! Well, not all of them. Really, it's only a handful of people, which annoys cosplayers who would prefer not to have these Heroes speaking for them. Which is too bad for them, because this show is actually pretty fun once you get past the basic idea that no one ever prepares a costume further ahead than the week before the convention. And it always requires an all-nighter in the hotel room. And people keep talking about being a professional cosplayer, which isn't really a thing that exists. And if it did, winning the costume competition at Stan Lee's Comikaze wouldn't help someone go pro. I don't think Stan Lee even has all that much to do with Comikaze, although the CEO of the convention told me otherwise via Twitter when I expressed that opinion while watching Fangasm.

...Sorry. I got distracted by the silly aspects. There are fun things, too. There was a scene at Portland's Ground Kontrol, an awesome video arcade! I'll put up with a lot to see a Ground Kontrol shout-out on television. Anyway, that's all just framing device. The people on Heroes of Cosplay are real people, with thoughts and feelings of their own. Probably. I mean, it seems likely, right? The point is, here's what the cast of this week's episode might have been thinking.

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