Richard DuCree / AMC

Halt And Catch Fire's Third Season Gets A Premiere Date

And a new night!

This just in via press release: AMC has given Halt And Catch Fire's third season a premiere date, and it's Tuesday, August 23 (with a special two-hour event starting at 9 PM ET).

Halt will be the latest AMC original to try to colonize nights other than Sundays (see also Turn and Better Call Saul on Mondays, and the current Feed The Beast on Tuesdays). Halt is already critically beloved but little watched, so moving it away from the fifty-car-pile-up that is Sunday nights -- even in the summer -- might be good for the show and help it find new viewers.

This will also be the season that could serve as a less-comic prequel to Silicon Valley, as the Mutiny crew moves...from Texas to Silicon Valley. And if anyone is qualified to calculate Mean Jerk Time, it's Joe McMillan.


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