Frank Ockenfels 3 / AMC

AMC Renews Halt And Catch Fire For A Third Season

Look out, the past.

This just in via press release: AMC has ended everyone's suspense and given a third season to Halt And Catch Fire!

According to the press release, the show will return for ten more episodes in summer 2016, and "[c]o-creators and writers Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers have been upped to showrunners." The Christophers also contributed a statement that reads in part, "Much in the way that Halt is about underdogs overcoming convention and breaking new ground, the story of season 3 will endeavor to further stretch the medium and challenge the form." And remember, the S2 finale had everyone in the cast moving to Silicon Valley, so it can also be an unofficial prequel to...Silicon Valley!

If you bailed after the first few blah episodes of Season 1 (hi) and maybe ignored the encouraging reviews of Season 2 out of fear that AMC wasn't really committed to the show, this news is actually the best for you: you can have the pleasure of marathoning Season 2 now that you know for sure it's not going to be an exercise in potential frustration! Furthermore, I can assure you that you can absolutely just start with Season 2 and be fine; the show does a reset in the S2 premiere and then basically turns into a different show -- and a really good one! The next time your DVR isn't crammed with just-returned fall shows -- so Thanksgiving weekend, probably -- give it a shot.