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Reason Simulated baby guts. YEP.

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This NICU Kid Really Has A Lot Of Guts

And if you don't believe that, he will prove it.

There are a lot of reasons I could never be a doctor, starting with Grade 11 Biology was one of my all-time worst grades in high school (second only to Home Ec, as I recall). But another big reason is that the human body is basically disgusting and doctors have to confront that fact daily.

Take the latest Grey's Anatomy. Dr. Ross is assigned the care of Jacob, who was born with omphalocele, which means his organs are exactly where they should not be: ON THE OUTSIDE OF HIS BODY. But when you're a doctor, you can't just meet a baby like this and then run out of the hospital, drive as far as your vehicle will take you, and live the rest of your life off the grid; you have to treat him. In this case, that means treating the area with silver sulfadiazine, which to the lay person looks a lot like smearing cream cheese with a tongue depressor.

But what does an actual sac of baby guts look like? I'm so glad you asked, because the answer is: like the worst thing I hope you ever see.

Screens: ABC Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy

Wait, my bad: soon enough Ross punctures the membrane surrounding Jacob's intestines...

Grey's Anatomy

...and THAT is the worst thing I hope you ever see. Congratulations, Jacob's lower GI tract! You edged out this copyediting error to become the episode's greatest horror!

Grey's Anatomy

You don't have to be nuts to be a PB/GYN nurse, but it helps!

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