Thank Goodness Grey's Anatomy Finally Reveals Alex's Fate

Did Alex go to Jail? And why do we have to wait all episode to find out?

How broad exactly is Minnick's job description?

This episode marks Minnick's first day at Grey Sloan as both a doctor and as the head of the residents' teaching program. We know she's bringing her revolutionary teaching methods to the hospital, a method that is supposed to get the residents into surgery more quickly, teach them confidence, and cut down on drama (yeah, good luck with that). But does that mean she gets to change OR schedules? Insert herself into the other doctors' cases unasked? Go around talking smack about what an old fossil Richard is? Not drink coffee? It's one thing to shine a light on issues when you are an outside consultant; it's another thing entirely to bring that attitude when you have to work side by side with colleagues. Moreover, the latitude she seemingly has feels disproportionate.

Richard's Plan o' War -- Petty LaBelle or Justified Timberlake?

Richard sees Minnick's arrival as an act of aggression, so he responds accordingly. He gathers his troops -- Jackson, Maggie, and April -- and starts giving his cliff's notes version of The Art of War. "We need to isolate the enemy, cut off her supply lines, starve her out." They all enter a conspiracy to undermine Minnick. It works quite brilliantly actually -- surprise, surprise -- and they manage to ice her quite thoroughly. I don't know, though; it does strike me as rather petty. I mean, these are grown-ass people. They should act like it. However, I can't bring myself to be too outraged. I'd be more sympathetic if Minnick didn't come off as such a high-octane witch. It doesn't help that Bailey dismisses Richard's feelings as being "butt-hurt." That feels dismissive and massively misses the point at how this whole thing with Minnick developed. Given how Bailey cryptically talked about "people" being unhappy with his performance, I'm wondering If Richard is only just now realizing that this was just a skirmish and the real war is about to start.

Exactly how predictable was the pregnant lady taxi accident?

The minute I saw Arizona talking to the expectant mother through a Skype-like app while the cab driver careened through the streets, I knew. I knew she'd be in an accident. Not so predictable -- her husband is the one who crashes into her and causes the accident. Bummer. Her injuries are terrible and her husband, Arizona, and the cab driver all feel guilt-stricken by what they feel are their roles in her injuries. Arizona is feeling bad because she told the woman (who was sitting in the front seat) to put her feet up on the dash to relieve the pressure of the baby. That's how the crash shattered her legs, dislocated her pelvis, and caused distress in the birth canal. The husband is feeling bad because, well, he crashed into them. The cab driver just wanted to be a hero and get the woman to the hospital before she gave birth in his cab. He's also a Hey, It's That Guy! I remember from Pulp Fiction; he was Marvin, who accidentally gets his head shot off in the back seat of a car. Dude has bad luck in moving vehicles, obviously.

What the hell did Ben ever do to Jo to merit such a craptastic attitude?

Jo is angry. Jo has her woe face on. Jo is fucking annoying! Ben sees that Jo is unhappy and tries to encourage her and show that he's there if she wants someone to listen. Her response? First, she throws some shade his way about being the boss's spouse but not knowing anything about what is happening at the hospital. Later she snottily asks why he needs to see her go "soft-eyed." Girl, whut? I acknowledge that Jo is not my favorite person. She has been on my not-favorite-person list for so long she practically draws a pension from it. But using Ben as a punching bag when he is doing nothing but trying to do her a solid may move her from my not-favorite-person list to the actively-dislike list. The retirement plan there is not as nice.

How long has that yogurt Amelia bought Stephanie been sitting out?

The FDA tells us that yogurt should not be sitting at a temperature above 40 degree Fahrenheit more than two hours. So I really hope Amelia only just got back from the store. Otherwise she is not just being a bad roommate (eating Steph's food, forcing Steph to lie to Owen about Amelia's whereabouts) but also potentially a dangerous one. ...I dunno, this episode is pretty full with so many other things stuffed into it that Amelia and Owen's ongoing marital drama could have easily been jettisoned and I would not have missed it. Adding Stephanie in the mix as the uncomfortable accomplice to Amelia's runaway bride feels just like an additional widget on a drama that already feels manufactured.

So wait, Alex slept through the whole thing?

Throughout the episode, Meredith is frantic to find out what happened to Alex. She knows he'd gone to take a plea. Thanks to Maggie's inept computer use -- seriously, she is as bad as my Meemaw -- they at first think he got a 30-to-life sentence. Wrong guy. Thanks Maggie! But then they learn he received an indefinite postponement. Taking this as proof that he took the plea and is already in jail, Meredith spends her time going from jail to jail to try to find him. Her search fruitless, she returns home dispirited, only to find Alex sleeping in her bed. Really, show?

I am glad Alex isn't in the clink. Even so, why wouldn't Alex give Mer a call to let her know? And how the heck could he have slept through everything? The kids? Kids are noisy. Maggie? Maggie is neurotic and loud. Frankly, I never thought for a minute he'd go to jail, so the suspense level for me on this was dead low, but leaving the reveal to the end like that felt needlessly coy.

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