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How Is It Possible That No One Has Risen From The Dead Before On Grey's Anatomy?

And how is it that we only get one 'Jesus Wept' reference? And other pressing questions sparked by a miraculous episode.

Shouldn't everyone be as amazed as Stephanie that a woman pronounced dead comes back to life?

Given how the doctors have responded to other once-in-a-lifetime type of events in the past, I would have thought that they'd be a lot more stoked by something so rare. But they all seem rather matter-of-fact about it. Only Stephanie gives it the shock and awe I think something like this deserves. Georgia, the miracle patient, is pronounced dead after Maggie, Amelia and Stephanie labor over her for 45 minutes. We've seen this scene a thousand times on medical shows, where they are busy compressing the patient's chest and saying things like "Come on!" and "I can't let her die!" This is Amelia's role this time. But it is clear that despite their efforts, Georgia is gone and Maggie calls it. But later, as Georgia's daughter -- who had been saying her tearful goodbyes over her mother's dead body -- insists Georgia squeezed her hand, Maggie and Amelia try to explain that it could just be residual muscle spasms. Until Georgia abruptly sits up. Of the doctors standing there witnessing it, only Stephanie, who whispers reverently, "I love my job," seems truly amazed. Later Amelia attempts to shut Stephanie's reaction down. But I agree with Stephanie when she says, "All this woman wanted to do was die holding her husband's hand. And then she did that. She got to die holding his hand. And then she came back to life. Sorry if I'm too amazed."

Is privacy just no longer a thing at Grey Sloane?

Just wondering because I am sure I can't just roll up in the ER and give a name and start getting all sorts of information about the person's treatment. I was a bit taken aback when Georgia asks for the status of the various members of her family who have been brought in for injuries sustained during a the multi-vehicle accident while they were in a funeral procession, and Amelia proceeds to give her everyone's details. Sure, Georgia was wearing a black dress which presumably signals she is part of the funeral, but is that enough? And that isn't even the worst of it. One of the victims of the accident, Georgia's loud and belligerent son, manages to follow Arizona back to the treatment room of the woman who caused the accident and harangues her into early labor. Yeah, it just so happens the woman is his estranged sister, but: boundaries!

Why is Arizona the first person to show DeLuca some kindness following his trauma?

I mean, really! It's been three episodes since DeLuca was brought in after his beating by Alex's hands and nobody until Arizona has given the guy even so much as a reassuring squeeze after asking him how he's doing. Look, I get it that this is really Alex's story, but I am a little pissed that DeLuca seems to be a face on a milk carton in his own victimhood here. I love that he gave voice to that as well, wondering why everyone was mad at him? Broke my heart, really. As did the look of sheer wonder on his face after Arizona gave him a hug. And as much as I am an Alex fan, his calling DeLuca "some guy you barely know who pays your rent" to Arizona is rather foul. Is that all he is? No wonder the poor guy feels isolated.

Is the Maggie-Meredith-Riggs love triangle supposed to be played for comedy?

I'm getting the feeling that's how it's supposed to be received by the viewing audience. But if it is, then it's failing miserably. Like, the Saturday Night Live skits that air between 12:30 and 1:00 level of failure. It isn't funny or amusing, and it's hard to root for any of the players in this. Meredith's flirting is incredibly awkward. "I hated you at first and now you are just a bloated corpse." Followed by a giggle. Her suggestion for Riggs to take Maggie out and be mean to her so she'll get over her infatuation with him is just so very '90s teen movie. And it doesn't help that Maggie and Riggs seem to be playing this all a bit more seriously than Meredith is. But the perky music and the arch dialogue makes me feel like we're supposed to having fun. But I am not. Not at all. Please put us out of our misery soon.

Does April's boredom with motherhood ring true?

I can easily imagine that a working mother who gets a lot of stimulation out of her job, especially as high-pressure a job as surgeon, would find being a stay-at-home mom a little stifling, but this early? I'm not sure how much time has passed but it can't be more than a month since Harriet was born. Even then, I wouldn't think the wonder of a new, desperately wanted baby would wear off so fast. And unless Harriet is the best behaved, quietest, sleepingest baby in the world, then April should be exhausted, not bored. Girl, take some time and enjoy your baby! She's a miracle, after all.

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