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Did Grey's Anatomy Stage A Press Conference Just So Maggie Could Make A Big Discovery?

A small gesture opens a big can of worms; Tina Mitchell's got questions!

Thank goodness, our long national nightmare is over! Maggie finally learns about Nathan and Meredith, and this "triangle" appears to have died the way it lived: annoyingly and rather anticlimactically. Before we could call the time of death, it did manage to deliver a small sliver of drama -- but I've still got questions.

Was the press conference staged just so Maggie could make her discovery?

Well, sure, Nathan and Meredith performed brain surgery on an airplane that was travelling through a terrible storm and couldn't land, so I suppose this is press conference-worthy. But the whole setup that made Maggie as much the center of the scene as Meredith and Nathan felt like a whole plot device produced solely for the discovery. It might seem like a hair split, but there are so many other ways Maggie could have found out. Given how anemic the triangle plot has been, having her discover it in a public venue while Nathan is figuratively rubbing her nose in his infatuation with Meredith does elevate the drama a bit.

Also, did Maggie graduate from the Sherlock Holmes Institute of Keen Observation of Insignificant Details? Because her quick deduction of sexual shenanigans based on a two-second shoulder rub is rather impressive.

Are Maggie's feelings about Meredith and Nathan even justified?

I know Maggie gets a lot of flak for her reaction. On the one hand, I somewhat agree that her feelings for Nathan were rather unformed and definitely unrequited. It does feel like much ado about very little. On the other hand, I also think Maggie's feelings are valid. She confided something vulnerable to a person she loved and trusted, even if those feelings were nascent. She is right to feel embarrassed and a little humiliated to know that she was going on and on about liking Nathan only to realize that, the entire time, Meredith had already been involved with him. So yeah, I do think her reaction is justified. Mostly. The snide "mile high club" jibe is just a bit much, but I think some bitchery is allowed.

More gratifyingly, though, I like that Maggie's anger isn't about her feelings for Nathan, but rather her feelings for Meredith. People bag on Maggie for being immature, but to me her making this all about her relationship with Meredith signals that she is smarter about this than some give her credit for.

Did Grey's really just use a bowel full of worms as a metaphor for Richard and Catherine's relationship?

We viewers are no strangers to the patient-as-proxy for a doctor's life issue of the moment on this show. But when Richard makes the comment that maybe Dennis "couldn't take seeing something so ugly inside the woman he loves"? That's when I realized where they were going with this.

When the patient, Mary, and her boyfriend Dennis first arrive, they are billing-and-cooing like a pair of turtledoves. Between him calling her things like "muffin" and "pumpkin" and her giving him the emoji heart eyes every time she looks at him, it's rather sickening. Until the first worm makes its appearance. Mary is horrified to learn that her small intestine is a "worm farm." Dennis is even more horrified and quickly slithers out of the room.

April and Stephanie can't help commenting on the fickleness of Dennis's devotion (he does come back, just as devoted), but Richard understands a little -- hence his comment. And to be fair, it is somewhat fitting. Catherine's behind-the-scenes machinations regarding the Minnick matter have been as insidious as a group of worms setting up a stealth colony inside some woman's bowel! Interestingly, though, the worm case is also the mechanism used to reconcile them. After Bailey gives Catherine a stern yet still rather comically deferential lecture on relationships, Catherine seeks out Richard to start the repairs in their relationship. Richard is endearingly receptive. But then again, Richard loves those worms.

Is the return of Alex's pregnant cancer patient a poignant follow-up, or just needlessly depressing?

I may just be oversensitive, given how recently Maggie's mom Diane died of cancer, but I could have easily gone without seeing yet another mom die on screen from the same disease. Come to think of it, if we add in the story of Richard's mother's death, as seen in flashbacks and metaphors earlier this season, then mom-cancer has been a bit overrepresented of late.

Still, I did like the character of Veronica when she first appeared in a previous episode with a rash on her hands, which Alex diagnosed as pancreatic cancer. Now she has tingles in her legs, and the cancer had metastasized and spread. And even though I appreciate the idea behind the patient's return and the fact that we get a chance to see Alex and Arizona work together again, I could have done without this depressing bit amidst what is largely a light-hearted episode otherwise.

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