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Almost Everyone Is A Big Damn Hero In The Grey's Anatomy Finale

The season ends on a high note as the doctors all step up to manage their latest crisis.

This episode picks up immediately where last week's left off: Meredith witnesses the explosion that resulted from Stephanie setting fire to a rapist next to an oxygen tank. Nobody knows what caused the fire or explosion, but they all jump into action and go into crisis mode, with everyone rising to the occasion. Well, almost everyone.

Let's rank the intrepid Grey's crew from zero to hero.

  1. Minnick
    Clearly, she did not do her homework before taking this job, or she would have known that Grey-Sloan is situated over a Hellmouth and attracts all sorts of disasters, both natural and manmade. Hellmouths have no time for your "protocol," lady. While I can excuse Minnick for trying to follow rules, I can't excuse her for being dismissive of Stephanie being trapped in a burning building with a psycho rapist. Worse, when she's given the task of alerting the police that Stephanie's missing, she forgets to do it. Ugh. She is a less than zero.
  2. Arizona
    I know you're probably getting good sex on the regular now with Minnick, Arizona, but that should not make you lose all your sense. You already stood silently by once as she trashed your friends. But now, when she spectacularly fails in a crisis, all you can do is ask her to schedule your next sexy time? Oh Arizona, you are being a Goofus when you could be a Gallant!
  3. Maggie & April
    These two throw themselves into helping manage the crisis. But that gets overshadowed by their twin fretting over Jackson, causing April to observe that Maggie and Jackson obviously like each other. It appears as though we may have lived through one dodgy love triangle only to get embroiled in another. I can only assume we will be treated to their heroic efforts to sell this story.
  4. Amelia
    It astonishes me that the show insists on writing Amelia as a terrible human being 90% of the time, because we have seen before that Amelia can be compassionate and rational. In the last two episodes, she has done a complete 360 and has been nothing but supportive and wonderful to Owen after abandoning him and treating him like crap. But she is his rock as she accompanies him to meet the helicopter bringing Megan home. It isn't a showy sort of heroism, but this sort of solid support is its own quiet valor.
  5. Meredith
    Meredith spends most of her time wandering around looking for the missing devil child Erin. However, her moment comes when she finally has the opportunity to sit Nathan down and tell him that Megan is alive, giving him the news straight and without any unnecessary embellishment. What makes this scene so boss is that Meredith is genuinely happy for Nathan, because she understands how she would feel if it were Derek who had miraculously returned from the dead.
  6. Nathan
    Firefighters are evacuating floors. Smoke is filling the halls. Fire is licking at ceilings. And Nathan refuses to leave his OR. He is in the middle of a lobectomy when Meredith comes to tell him the building is on fire. Nathan calmly carries on. He has a man's lung in his hands! No time for fires!
  7. Jackson
    Jackson seems to be the only one, at first, who understands the implications of Stephanie's being missing, and with nothing but a facemask and desperate hope, he plunges back into the building to find her. He doesn't find Stephanie, but he does find an infuriatingly independent patient with kidney stones who insists that she doesn't need any help. Whatever, lady. You're lying in the middle of a smoke-filled hall gasping in pain. You are the best judge of nothing! Jackson agrees (with me), sweeping her up in his arms and carrying her outside to safety. He doesn't find Steph, but his anxiety puts everyone else on alert.
  8. Ben
    Detective Ben is on the job! Once he realizes that Steph is missing with the rapist, Ben speaks for all of us when he bemoans the fact that she didn't use her eyes to Morse code her distress to him. If she had, maybe he could've helped a sistah out! Like Jackson, he charges back into the hospital and, using his mad CSI: Seattle skillz, he tracks a frantic Stephanie to the roof.
  9. Bailey
    Did somebody say fire? Because Bailey's got your fire right here! Bailey is my straight-up hero right now because she fires Minnick's ass! Not only did Minnick forget to tell the police that Steph was missing, but when Steph is found the first thing Minnick does is berate her for trying to save Erin's life. Clearly fed up, Bailey hauls Minnick in front of Catherine to lay out some grievances. But Eliza "I am a great teacher" Minnick clearly has no learning curve. First, she tries to deflect the blame of Stephanie's near-tragedy onto Richard. Then she moves on to victim blaming Stephanie herself. The side-eye both Richard and Bailey serve is epic, as is the shade when Bailey pointedly says they do not need "surgical robots" in their employ. Don't let the doorknob hit you, Minnick!
  10. Stephanie
    From the moment she wets her twist-out (women with natural hair know this is serious business) and jumps through a wall of fire with an injured child in her arms, I knew Stephanie was getting a hero's edit. Even though her own arms and neck are fried with second- or third-degree burns, she is determined that little Erin stay alive!


    I am thrilled that Grey's didn't go the depressingly predictable route and kill Stephanie off, but instead allows her to leave on a triumphant note. Not only is she going to Eat, Pray, Love her way across some continents, but she gets the satisfaction of telling Minnick, "Get out my face!" with extreme force before she does -- and all with her fabulous twist-out intact!

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