Gotham Resolves A Plot Or Two

It's the midseason finale, and nothing will ever be the same! Except for the things that will.

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    It is the midseason finale, which is a made-up concept designed to justify the way there won't be new episodes for three months. But this is where the plots of the first half of the season come to a head, so it's a weird place to come in if you don't know what's going on. Briefly, though, Theo Galavan is really named Dumas, and he's finally kidnapped Bruce Wayne so he can sacrifice him. Normally you'd think someone needs to be sacrificed to something, but that hasn't really come up. He's brought Father Creel and some unnamed monks to town to complete his grand scheme. Along the way, he's ticked off Penguin by killing his mother. And Alfred was last seen bleeding in the back of a garbage truck, which seems like the least sterile place imaginable. Wait, I just thought of some less sterile places. Gross.

  • Place Of Interest

    What A Dump

    When in Gotham, be sure to see the legendary Gotham Garbage Dump! Picturesque mounds of undifferentiated garbage tease the eye while you stroll through our winding paths. In October, don't miss the Haunted Trash Maze. And if you're a butler who's recently been stabbed in the stomach, what better way to recover than by going for a refreshing run from the person who's trying to kill you?

  • Awkward

    Guys? Guys?

    Situation: Lucius Fox has finished fixing that hard drive for Bruce Wayne, and he brings the news over in person instead of calling or emailing like a normal person would. They might not have email in this world, but they definitely have phones.

    What makes it awkward? No one is home at Wayne Manor. It looks like Bruce might have been orphan-napped!

    How is order restored? It isn't. Not until the episode is nearly done, anyway. But Lucius proceeds to demonstrate that he's the only person in the entire cast who thinks clearly, because he doesn't do the logical thing: he goes to the police.

  • Alert!

    We're Going To Kill You...Eventually

    Alert Type: Ominous Foreboding Alert.

    Issue: Bruce has been taken to Theo Galavan's place, because it didn't occur to anybody that murder is the sort of thing that you don't do in your own home.

    Complicating Factors: It's not actually time for the sacrifice yet. Father Creel has to deliver some vaguely religious nonsense and then there will be a break for lunch.

    Resolution: Bruce is going to get thrown in a cell (there's a jail cell in this building?) and then get sacrificed later in the evening.

    Spoiler: The ritual won't begin until all the other plots are lined up.

  • Snapshot

    Butlers In Refrigerators

    Alfred is new to this country, so he can be forgiven for not knowing all of our American traditions. For example, he might not know when Flag Day is. But that's fine, because nobody else does either. However, you'd think someone would have told him about one of our most honorable traditions, which is "Never hide inside a refrigerator." If they'd had Punky Brewster in England, he'd know better.

  • That Quote
    "Oh, please. Pull the stick out, big brother."
    - Tabitha Galavan, who's getting a little sick of Theo's pomposity -
  • Meeting Time

    I Believe The Children Are Our Future

    Who called the meeting? Silver St. Cloud.

    What's it about? She'd like to skip Bruce's murder, because she has a fake cold. Cough.

    How'd it go? Theo is not fooled by her fake cold. Who would be? So he decides to put some Dangerous Liaisons into this show. Although since Silver and Bruce are so young, it's really more of a Cruel Intentions. Silver has to convince Bruce to fall in love with her all over again, and she has only a few hours to get it done before Bruce is to be sacrificed. If she doesn't succeed, she'll be thrown out of the family or killed or something. It's not particularly relevant to anything else that's going on, but it gives her and Bruce something to do until the big ritual scene.

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Sorry About All The Lies

    Silver joins Bruce in his cell, and kindly does not comment on his weird white sacrificial robes. He claims to have no feelings about her whatsoever, but she can stay with him. Later on, she'll stage a fake escape in which she appears to really shoot a monk in the leg, but Bruce isn't fooled at all. So she's got her work cut out for her.

  • Travel

    Carjacking: It's The Only Way To Travel

    Alfred has eluded Tabitha and her goons, and now he has staggered out of the junkyard. He's still dressed in a three-piece suit, though, because butlers know how to live right. After the first car he sees doesn't stop to pick up a filthy, shouting man who's mysteriously dressed like he's going to a wedding, he decides to just steal the first car that stops.


    It's a perfect scheme! Except that when he turns around, he sees a police officer. And then he ignores the instruction to freeze, so he gets a taser to the face. This is the sort of behavior that makes Lucius Fox look so smart, because apparently that cop was in full view when Alfred decided the law didn't apply to him. And this is what he gets.

  • Meeting Time

    I'm Not Angry. I'm Just Very Disappointed. And Also Angry.

    Who called the meeting? Edward Nygma, who gave Lee a riddle to tell her where Jim is hiding out from the law.

    What's it about? The reason Jim is hiding is that he attacked the mayor and escaped police custody in the company of Penguin. So now everyone assumes he and Penguin are working together, which it turns out they totally are.

    How'd it go? Lee has been worried about Jim for several episodes now. In fact, ever since Barbara Kean got dealt with, "worried" is about all Lee's been allowed to be. So she's not even all that surprised to see Jim hanging out with underworld leaders and planning to attack the mayor. But she does have one exciting announcement: she's pregnant! This leads to a really stellar eyeroll from Penguin.


    You speak for all of us, Oswald.

  • That Quote
    "Galavan's got Bruce Wayne, boss. Sure as eggs!"
    - Harvey Bullock, trying out a new catchphrase -
  • Brain­teaser
    Q A diamond plate, a glowing grate, a place you never leave. Where am I?
    A At home, which means that Jim Gordon is holed up at the home of Edward Nygma. Lucius Fox delivers this answer and analysis IMMEDIATELY, which blows Nygma's mind, since he was just muttering the riddle to himself in the first place.
  • Awkward

    Goodbye Forever, Gotham!

    Situation: Jim and Lee are about to flee Gotham and leave all of this mess behind them.

    What makes it awkward? Just before they drive away, Harvey and Alfred show up. Away from the camera, they catch him up on their plan to go rescue Bruce Wayne from certain death at the hands of Theo Galavan. This plan has not been approved by Captain Barnes, who has opinions about things like search warrants and due process.

    How is order restored? Obviously, Jim is going with them. This is so inevitable that Lee slips over to the driver's seat before Jim even comes back.

  • That Quote
    "God, I'm such a loser. An evil, pathetic loser."
    - Silver St. Cloud, still working on Bruce -
  • Meeting Time

    Are We All On The Same Page?

    Who called the meeting? Everyone agrees that they should talk before assaulting the mayor.

    What's it about? General strategy, like "We rush in there and shoot him" and specifics like "How do we get in, exactly?"

    How'd it go? The answer to the tactical question is answered when Selina shows up in a conveniently open window to say she has a way in. Alfred is skeptical, but Jim is very into the idea of trusting criminals these days. So the plan is for Cat (everyone's calling her Cat now) to get the doors open, then a squad consisting of Jim, Harvey, Alfred, Penguin, and assorted Penguin goons to storm Galavan's place. Lucius, the only sensible person in the world, suggests that it might be a good idea to have a backup plan, but no one wants to hear that mess.

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Well, That's Close Enough

    After spending most of the episode rebuffing Silver's attempts to bond, it's time for Bruce to go get killed. But he takes a moment to do something nice for Silver. Before Theo takes him away, Bruce tells Silver, "I love you," and kisses her. It's not heartfelt, but it's enough to convince Galavan that Silver is some kind of super-seductress.

  • Travel

    Stairs Are The Worst

    If you have to get to the top of a tall building, do not take the stairs. Ever. Stairs are awful. They take forever and it's just a miserable experience for everyone. Never take the stairs.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    The Room Where It Happens


    Okay, enough fooling around. It's time for everyone to converge on the attempt to sacrifice Bruce Wayne. The first interruption comes when Silver has a change of heart and shouts for Father Creel to stop.


    The second, more meaningful interruption comes when Jim's gang finally reaches the top of the stairs so they can burst in the room and start shooting monks. It is at this point that things seem a little unfair, because the monks just have knives, but not all of them get shot. At least one of them got beaten up by Selina, who seems awfully young to bring along on a mission like this.


    Father Creel is the last one alive, and he makes a dramatic leap at Jim with a giant knife. But Harvey finally joins everybody else just in time to shoot Creel. A moment of silence, please, for a character who barely appeared on the show and is now dead.

  • Alert!

    Family Matters

    Alert Type: Sibling Rivalry Alert.

    Issue: Theo, Tabitha, and Silver have retreated to Theo's office. The plan is to parachute to safety (really) but there are only two parachutes.

    Complicating Factors: Theo blames Silver for interrupting the ritual, as though things would really go any better for him if the police (and Alfred and Penguin's mob) had burst in while there was a knife in Bruce Wayne's neck. But Tabitha has had it with this whole quasi-religious plotline, so she whops Theo over the head.

    Resolution: Silver and Tabitha parachute away, leaving Galavan to be captured. This is a nice parallel to all those scenes of Jim threatening to push people out windows.

    Spoiler: Tabitha's going to be more fun when she's allowed to just do her own thing rather than be Theo's henchman.

  • Awkward

    Arrest Me, Please!

    Situation: Jim Gordon is arresting Theo Galavan.

    What makes it awkward? Galavan isn't that worried, since he already got arrested once and came out okay. And Jim is a wanted fugitive at the moment. Plus, he's got his gun at Galavan's forehead when Captain Barnes comes in.

    How is order restored? Penguin arrives to whop Barnes over the head. He would like to kill Galavan, and he assures Jim that this is a more permanent solution than letting him get another trial.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Theo Galavan

    Well! It looks like Penguin got his wish, because he and Jim drive Theo out to the docks, where Penguin takes his time walloping Theo with a baseball bat. He doesn't quite get to kill him, because Jim stops him before it gets that far.

    And then Jim takes out his pistol and shoots Galavan dead. So in the future, if Jim Gordon ever gets snippy with Batman about the need to follow police procedure, just remember that time he and Penguin murdered the mayor of Gotham. They didn't try very hard to hide their tracks, since the body is found with an umbrella stuffed down its throat.

  • That Quote
    "Will you marry me?"
    - Jim Gordon, dragging Lee back into the show -
  • Character Study

    Who Is This Guy? What's He Gonna Do?

    Name: Clearly Mr. Freeze.
    Age: Unknown.
    Occupation: Unknown.
    Goal: Unknown.
    Sample Dialogue: [none]
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