What Kind Of Man Were You Planning On Being?

It's a question asked of Wallace, but he's not the only Veronica Mars character grappling with it as Duncan leaves town in 'Donut Run.'

Duncan takes baby matters into his own hands -- and Veronica helps out with an elaborate break-up con, and assists from Astrid and a P.I. rival. But when she feels obligated to dupe Keith as well, the longterm results could get ugly.

Wallace is also struggling with doing the right thing when the real reason for his return to Neptune is revealed, and while we always welcome a Logan/Weevil pairs skate, we kinda wish Weevil didn't keep falling down on the job of catching his snap. Committed extras, canonical shout-outs, and a baby-friendly log add up to a packed episode as we hit the midway point of Season 2.

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