We're All Out Of Liquid Evil

When the senior-trip money goes missing at the Winter Carnival, Veronica Mars has no shortage of suspects.

When the NHS senior-trip fund goes missing at Winter Carnival, Veronica is tasked -- sort of, and to Ms. Hauser's dismay -- with tracking it down, a chore that puts her at odds with academic rival JB; nemesis Madison; Ms. Hauser herself; and Weevil, except not really, except maybe? But she's on Jackie's side, which is nice, and so is Wallace, which ditto.

While justice is getting served on Ms. Hauser (and her student aide), Keith is serving some T to Terrence Cook about his case, including how excellent his motive is for causing the bus crash, and how disappointing his gambling issues are for super-fan Keith. Almost as disappointing, in fact, as the show's take on sex-worker-related revenge, as Beav gets back at Dick for teasing him by hiring a trans pro to gay-panic him. Poorly played, especially in comparison to Weevil's Thumper-framing shell game -- and Logan's possibly nefarious meet-cute -- in an all-new Go Pirates! on S02.E13, "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough."

Visual Aids

We all saw the Visual Aids, lurking around.

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