Veronica Mars Graduates With (Dubious) Honors

We cap (sorry) our coverage of the frustrating but compelling second season with an action-packed finale discussion of dads and grads.

It's time to turn those tassels, for both our heroine and her friends and for Go Pirates!'s coverage of Season 2, as the evil mastermind behind the bus crash -- and other transportational demises -- is revealed. The less-evil mastermind behind another timely death is also uncovered, as the long arm of the Kane taps Aaron Echolls from Australia. And while Weevil does manage to get gowned, the graduation he promised his grandmother is not to be. Instead, we're given a pointless and baffling coda to Jackie's story, out-of-character blundering by Veronica, a LoVe reunion whose lead-up seems to have been left on the cutting-room floor, and an unexpected reward for Kendall.

Were we as traumatized as Mac by the scrambled writing? Did the acting achieve summa status? And does nobody on the production understand how air travel works? All these questions, plus an announcement, in our podcast on Veronica Mars S02.E22, "Not Pictured."

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The Visual Aids didn't crash the bus.

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