The Stories On The Bus Go Round And Round

And round, and round...Veronica Mars is haunted by dreams of her late classmates, Keith goes undercover, and the scholarship competition scrambles everyone's brains in S02.E18.

Veronica's struggling with insomnia and bad dreams in S02.E18, as nightmares about her dead classmates -- nightmares that, in our opinion, she should have started having a dozen eps ago -- haunt her at night, not to mention give her red-herring clues about the crash. Counselor Rebecca returns to help her sort through it, and to drag a red herring of her own through Keith's romantic life when Keith's "date outfit" confuses a separate case.

Elsewhere, Veronica gets into Stanford, but can't count on the Kane scholarship as long as Madison-level 09er beeyotch (that's a compliment, actually) Angie is getting extensions and college credit for semesters at sea, and Logan and Wallace finally share enough screentime to try to take Angie down. And Dick is inserted (sorry) (kiiiind of?) into the bus-crash investigation. All this AND an omelet of problematic stereotypes in S02.E18, "I Am God."

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