The Old College Troy

Veronica Mars has to clear an old flame's name during a college-tour weekend, Keith and Cliff buddy-movie up, and Logan overplays his hand in S02.E16.

When Veronica and Wallace head to Hearst for a prospectives' weekend, we're thrilled to see Troy Vandegraff amongst their fellow future frosh...but Veronica is not, and she's even less stoked when he asks for her help in clearing his name when he's accused of raping a student, then shaving her head. The dumbest, frattiest dumb frat in California doesn't cover itself with glory, but unfortunately, the investigation doesn't end with their shitty behavior.

Speaking of which, Keith has to get Cliff out of cuffs after an encounter at an OBGYN conference goes an unexpected way. Trying to figure out why Cliff's special lady friend stole his briefcase, they acquire some leverage on Lamb, but he's even less capable of shame than we thought when confronted with his Madison make-out sesh.

And another make-out sesh blows up in Logan's face when he tries to renege on his deal with Griffith and keep seeing Hannah. Too bad Griffith grows a spine at last, and Hannah's just one of the characters we'll neeeeever see again in the latest Go Pirates! podcast.

Visual Aids

Can the Visual Aids have your beer?

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