That's What 'They' Want You To Think

Various leads take Veronica Mars, and Logan, into dangerous territory in S02.E08, 'Ahoy Mateys.'

When Veronica follows a lead on Dr. Griffith to the Fitzpatricks' lair, even she can't talk her way out of it -- except with an assist from Logan and his gun, and that volatile pairing is no match for the PCHers' determination to make him pay for his supposed crimes on the bridge. But Weevil may have kicked the wrong hornets' nest when he tries to torture info out of Logan...not to mention the snake pit he finds himself in with his own crew.

But enough with the pestilent imagery, because we've got plenty of other things to discuss, like the case of the week, which puts gay "conversion" camps on blast but inadvertently shines a light on the show's weird approach to gay characters; Duncan's dreams of Meg, and why TV thinks it's normal for couples not to really care when one half is acting weird; and why it took Veronica Mars of all shows so long to add a PIRATE radio station to its intel mix.

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