Surprise, It's A Girls' Night!

Veronica Mars discovers that babysitting in Neptune is ALL dark side in S02.E07, while Kendall Casablancas's relationship to the word 'job' is NSFW.

Prompted by Duncan, Veronica goes undercover as a babysitter to try to figure out which of Meg's charges Meg thought was being abused...but the hollow-eyes makeup from a previous episode goes off in this one when it turns out the endangered child is very close to home. Unfortunately, we all learn a lot about the epidemic of dysfunctional parenting going on in Neptune along the way.

But the Casablancas brothers already knew all about that, and it's confirmed when 1) their pops remains MIA, and left Kendall nothing but her t-- er, "wits" to live by, and 2) their mom declines to take custody of them. But if she's going to throw money at any problem, she should maybe start with the plotting of Felix's murder, which is still meandering around like a country holiday. This and many other NSFW topics in our latest podcast on S02.E07, "Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner"!

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