Stuck In The Middle With Veronica Mars

Jackie punks Veronica, Wallace's biological father blows up Alicia's spot, and Sheriff Lamb pantses Keith in S02.E05, 'Blast From The Past.'

As Wallace struggles with new information about his bio dad, Nathan Woods, and what that means for his relationship with Adele Fennel(l) Hardell, Veronica is that Veronica way that means she's distracted by the season-long mystery, and projecting her own issues with Lianne onto the proceedings.

...Well, when she's not demanding that Wallace pick a side between her and Jackie, whose elaborate and public (access) punking of Veronica leads to a homecoming-dance meltdown that isn't a good look on anyone -- and to Wallace pulling a modified Kelly Taylor and choosing himself.

Visual Aids

The Visual Aids better go take care of that.

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