Sharks Don't Sleep On Veronica Mars

The relationship between Woody's old Little League team and the bus crash becomes oogily clear; Haaron's trial ends, and so does Lucky; and too many Cooks spoil S02.E21.

Lucky finally cracks under the strain of his secret -- but Veronica Mars is on the case, with Keith, and while they haven't quite solved for X on the bus crash, they're getting closer to why (and Woody) thanks to a blackmail recording and a...health final exam?

Meanwhile, Aaron Echolls's trial is dragging everyone through the sociopathic mud, and the chlamydia a pitiless universe saddled Veronica with in a previous episode comes back to haunt her -- but not only her -- in a big way. In the end, Aaron gets acquitted; Weevil gets the math B he needs to graduate for his gramma; Mac and Beaver get closer again; Terrence gets alibi'd by Leonard Lobo; and Wallace gets the rug pulled out from under him when Terrence is the worst at father.

Is "Happy Go Lucky" the worst at set-up? Not really...but we're impatient to arrive at the fireworks factory in our podcast on S02.E21.

Visual Aids

This is about as nostalgic as the Visual Aids get.

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