See No Weevil, Hear No Weevil

...speak no Weevil, at least in connection with the bus crash, as Veronica Mars connects the PCHers, the Fitzpatricks, and Kendall's long con.

The search for a hit-and-run dog killer leads Veronica, annoyingly, to Weevil first, and then to the Fitzpatricks, who haven't responded to the recent leadership vacuum as graciously as one might hope. They're also not keen on Keith unearthing Kendall's true identity: Priscilla Banks, a grifter whose association with a senior Fitzpatrick puts her rahhhh-ther close to the bus crash case herself.

And while it seems Mac isn't over Beaver yet, she's still over Butters's attempts to date her -- and Wallace isn't faring much better with Jackie, especially with his tactless assessment of her social situation. As the prom and the season's end both approach, there's a lot to get turned around, and Hector's acting may not be on the list as we run down S02.E19, "Never Mind The Buttocks."

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The Visual Aids have no problem sacrificing a rat.

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