Say, What's Different About You?

The bus driver's daughter convinces the Mars family to take on yet another consuming case in S02.E02.

Veronica Mars struggles with survivor's guilt -- and a boyfriend who is either unsympathetic, or portrayed by someone unable to evince that emotion (or...any other one besides fart response) -- especially when she discovers that Meg DID survive the crash, albeit in a coma. As she works to clear the driver's name at his daughter Jessie's request, Sarah and John enjoy some big-ticket guest stars more than others (Kevin Smith), cringe at some music cues harder than at others (the Who), and tip their caps to yet another cliffhanger at episode's end. Elsewhere, Wallace has learned from the master, Tessa Thompson's line readings still aren't the worst ones in the episode, and we try to untangle the Doing It timeline for Veronica and Duncan -- all in our podcast on "Driver Ed."

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