Maternal Instincts

Veronica Mars continues to search for truths about Lianne, but the case of the week is merely one bump in the road in S02.E09.

We can't say we were looking forward to another Lianne-centric episode...but she's not in it, even in flashback, and when Veronica investigates her mom's 1979 suspension, there are so many payoffs, we're not sure where to begin. Trina's mom is the lunch lady! Ms. Hauser's an even bigger hag than we thought! Duncan hid his relationship with Veronica from HIS mother! And the Meg-nancy is about seven months along! And...also that's a thing that's happening!

All this plus a glorious Buffy-reunion catfight; a sharply observed ACTUAL fight; more suspicious minds amongst the PCHers; and the promising beginning of a Bea/Mac romance, and there's a lot going on -- and it's pretty much all good, so share your earbuds with your Yorick skull and give the latest ep of Go Pirates! a listen.

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