Is There Such A Thing As TOO Cool?

Veronica Mars isn't about Jackie, Beaver isn't about his stepmother, Logan isn't about Duncan and Veronica, and Dick Sr. isn't about honesty in S2.E03, 'Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang.'

Beaver hires Veronica to dig up some dirt on his stepmother, Kendall -- but he doesn't just find out who she's screwing; he ends up screwing himself, and his dad's Ponzi scheme, and his teacher. Oops. Elsewhere, Kendall and Logan are accidentally outed, and Veronica is a bitch about it, but with a lot more reason than she's a bitch about Jackie, who may be screwing Wallace...it's complicated, and it's not going to get any simpler for Wallace, it looks like, as D'Shawn Hardell is lurking around a romantic trip Keith and Alicia take to Chicago.

In other news, a scuffle between Duncan and Logan leads to some of Teddy Dunn's best work in the series to date; the show puts another couple of spinning plates in the air when the dead guy has a connection to Aaron Echolls; and gremlins gnawed on John's internet, so Sarah's going solo for this episode, which as a result is short -- but no sweeter than usual as I tackle "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang" (with help from John's notes).

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