I Tried Real Hard, I Just Couldn't Get The Nuts Off

An off-the-books client gets Veronica Mars in trouble with Keith AND Jackie, and everyone learns things they can't unknow in S02.E04.

When an heiress driven around the bend by suspicion hires Veronica to see if her BF really loves her, the BF's the one who gets some unwelcome information about his erstwhile intended -- and in the course of Veronica digging up the phantom dirt on the guy, Jackie discovers that she may not have Wallace's full attention, and while she doesn't like that one bit, John and Sarah kind of like the claw-unsheathing it prompts.

Veronica also finds out that Duncan's been visiting Meg; that Meg has a secret laptop; and that Weevil and his rogue earring are crossed up in the bus crash somehow. And Keith finds out Veronica's defied him again, but he's distracted by even more unwanted intel about Alicia's past, in the form of an ex(-con?) who isn't going to be scared off.

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