I Thought Our Story Was Epic

More like an epic fail, as a fits-and-startsy Veronica Mars prom-isode features interrupted (and forgotten) confessions.

Terrence Cook's secret is out, but he's still able to bond with Jackie. A secret of Woody's is out, too, and he tries to blame Keith for the passed-out lady he wakes up next to. And the secret of who's stalking Gia leads to a break in the bus-crash case at last! ...Just kidding; it doesn't, because Lamp soap-opera-ishly interrupts, but at least we get to see Former Deputy Leo again!

And Veronica Mars could probably see a whole lot of Leo, but whether she's still mooning over Duncan, distracted by the anti-prom party Logan's throwing in his suite, or concerned that Kendall's going to get Keith arrested for stealing her hard drive, she lets Leo go -- again -- in favor of hearing Logan's slurry feels, then fleeing before he can kiss her. And she should have stayed fled, but a lot of things should have happened in this episode that didn't, and we still have a murder trial to get through before the season finale's big reveals.

Wallace and Jackie are happy and cute, which is more than you can say for your co-hosts and/or this episode in an all-new Go Pirates!.

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