Here's How It's Gonna Play Out, Slugger

Veronica Mars untangles a blackmail scheme and a string of muggings, while Keith and Terrence fail to serve Lamb in S02.E14, 'Versatile Toppings.'

It looks like a string of pizza-delivery muggings and the blackmailing of a group of Neptune High's LGBTQ+ community are related, but as Kristen Cavallari joins the list of VM characters who are bad actors in more than one sense, it turns out there's both more and less to these crimes than meets the eye. That said, it's a welcome cavalcade of past case-of-the-week characters, and a VERY welcome shout-out to our own John Ramos.

Terrence's attempt to clear his name in the bus crash doesn't go so well, as Native Americans get impugned once again via a gangster casino owner who has Terrence's number, and a Lamb who doesn't respond to Terrence and Keith's blackmail -- involving, well, Lamb's blackmail of Terrence -- the way they'd hoped. Veronica's friend-date with Jackie ends with an UN-welcome discovery, and Logan's hard-won movie hang with Hannah isn't really a victory for anyone in the Griffith household. It's getting Corny in an all-new deep-dish episode of Go Pirates!.

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