Have You Ever Been To A Catholic Church?

No one's in a confessional mood in S02.E12 as Veronica Mars tries to clear Wallace, Keith goes to the videotape, and Felix's murderer is revealed.

Wallace has decided what kind of man he's planning on being. Unfortunately, Rashard isn't cooperating, letting his uncle pin the blame for the hit-and-run on Wallace -- and it requires a Rube Goldbergian, but still pretty satisfying, assist from both Deputy X. Machina and Jackie to get to the truth.

And Weevil probably should have seen the truth he's obliged to confront some weeks ago, but by the time he figures out who killed Felix, a PCH coup has pretty much already taken place. Having gotten thrown under the bus, he's stuck riding it to school. And speaking of buses, Keith is pulling a very Veronica-esque stunt to get to that truth, but do the rats and red herrings of "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle" lead anywhere? John and Sarah on all these plots, plus a contemplation of the season's midway point, in an all-new Go Pirates!.

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